Mauldin Lady Mavericks welcome Hillcrest Lady Rams

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Mauldin Lady Mavericks welcome Hillcrest Lady Rams

The big rivals of Mauldin and Hillcrest meet early in the season. Starting for Mauldin is #10 Anika Simpson (10th), #14 Marchaye Leake (12th), #15 Auryi Tinch (9th), #20 Antonia Thomas (12th), ), and  #21 Makayla Green (11th). With a bit of a tentative start on both sides, the quarter was rather slow with not a lot of baskets on either side. There were some bad calls, some messy playing and fouls…10 to 8 Hillcrest.

The second quarter it got a bit worse for Mauldin and Hillcrest as well. Fouls were definitely a factor. There were some bright moments with some nice steals from Mauldin. Scoring 8 in the quarter to Mauldin’s 12, the Lady Mavericks headed into the locker room up by 2 points. 20 to 18 for Mauldin.

The Mauldin Step Team was out in force and was helping our Lady Mavericks with great cheering and a wonderful halftime show! Please take a peek at their pictures included in this article! Thank you for the support!

The 3rd quarter was another tough quarter for Mauldin. Again fouling was a factor, but also turning over the ball. Passes were not on target making it hard to complete. The score at the end of 3rd was 26 to 34 for Hillcrest. Their #15 Cia stole the ball from Mauldin several times and had 7 points in a short time. While Hillcrest turned it over 3 times, Mauldin did not get an advantage missing their shots, not making foul shots.

Somewhere along the way, our Lady Mavericks found the key to this game. The fourth quarter had very little turnovers, and foul shots were being made. There were still 5 fouls in the quarter, but Mauldin scored more of the turnovers that Hillcrest gave. The clock ticked down. The ladies on both teams competed well. At 19.1seconds left in the game it was tied at 47 apiece. The 4th quarter ended in a tie.

Going into overtime, and with lots of fouls, the Lady Mavericks could not keep up the intensity. More fouls and turn overs plagued the game. The outcome was a loss: 49 to 54 for Hillcrest. Tough loss for Mauldin at home…

#10 Anika Simpson          3 pts,

#11 Kiara Austin               0

#12 Rachel Jones              2 pts, 2 rebounds

#13 Alexis Williams          2 pts

#14 Marchaye Leake        8 pts, 1 rebounds

#15 Auryi Tinch                7 pts, 1 rebound, 1 steal

#20 Antonia Thomas        2 steal, 4 pts, 4 rebound

#21 Makayla Green          4 pts, 3 rebounds, 1 assist,

#23 Khalia Shaw               6 pts, 1 rebound, 2 steals, 1 blocked shot

#24 Dah’Vielle Lucas       injured reserve

#30 Eboni Brown             

#31 Hannah Hodges       

#32 Daja Harrison            

#33 Abigail Hurwitz         

These statistics are not confirmed from the official scorebook. (I probably missed something.)