Mauldin Lady Mavericks at Woodmont Wildcats

Mauldin Lady Mavericks at Woodmont Wildcats

Starting for Mauldin is #10 Anika Simpson (10th), #14 Marchaye Leake (12th), #15 Auryi Tinch (9th), #21 Makayla Green (11th), and  #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas (12th). The Lady Mavericks started out the season with a strong first quarter. Scoring 17 points in the quarter and getting 6 rebounds, the team possibly took more shots than Woodmont. However, Woodmont scored 23 points, but committed 6 fouls to our 2. So the Lady Mavs headed into the second quarter with that advantage.

The Lady Mavericks did not have a good second quarter, being dominated in every area. Scoring only 8 more points to Woodmonts 22, the Lady Mavericks headed to the locker room at the half 45 Woodmont to 26 Mauldin.

The third quarter was plagued with fouls from both teams but the Lady Mavericks were in foul trouble very early. Scoring only 7 points and not getting many rebounds it was a big challenge to hold back the Wildcats who scored 15 more points and getting all their players into the game. Finishing the 3rd quarter the score was 33 Mauldin to Woodmont’s 60.

The fourth quarter was more frustration for Mauldin. However, Mauldin scored 15 points to Woodmont’s 16 points, making it the most competitive quarter of the game. The final score was 48 to 76 for the Woodmont Wildcats.

#10 Anika Simpson            7 pts,

#11 Kiara Austin                1 pt

#12 Rachel Jones              2 pts

#13 Alexis Williams          2 pts

#14 Marchaye Leake        5 pts, 2 rebounds

#15 Auryi Tinch                3pts, 5 rebounds

#20 Antonia Thomas       1 steal, 4 pts, 1 rebound

#21 Makayla Green          9 pts

#23 Khalia Shaw               4 pts, 1 rebound

#24 Dah’Vielle Lucas       7 pts, 3 rebounds

#31 Eboni Brown             

#31 Hannah Hodges       

#32 Daja Harrison            

#33 Abigail Hurwitz          1 rebound

These statistics are not confirmed from the official scorebook. (I probably missed something.)