Mauldin vs Dorman

The guys lost a tough one last night to Dorman, bringing their record to 2-1.

Following are the results:

Ryan Wilson (Mauldin) loss W. Benton 3-6 0-6
Andrew Wetzel (Mauldin) loss P. Tobacco 3-6 0-6
Austin Schlarb (Mauldin) loss Z. McCullough 5-7 2-6
Jason Mathewes (Mauldin) loss B. HarDy 1-6 0-6
Will Alexander (Mauldin) loss W. Graham 2-6 0-6

Caleb Cousins and Nathan Cousins (Mauldin) loss W. Bailey and T. Williams 0-6 1-6
Ryan Wilson and Andrew Wetzel (Mauldin) loss P. Tobacco and B. Hardy 4-8


Come out tonight or tomorrow to Furman to watch the guys play!  Matches start at 4:30 tonight and 9:00 on Saturday.

Hope to see you there!