Softball 2014 District Champions!

May 7, 2014 

Upper Cut 

By knocking out a high-powered Dorman team, the Lady Mavs won the District IV playoff with an impressive 5-0 shout-out.  As a District playoff champion, Mauldin joins only three other teams to make the cut and battle in the Upstate Playoffs.  


Defense again set the tone as Amanda Storch pitched her third consecutive playoff shut-out and fourth overall.  Dorman opened the game with a single.  Twenty-four batters later the Cavaliers would only muster one more hit, no runs, and seven strike-outs against the determined Mauldin defense.

Offensively a pair of 5th inning back-to-back home runs by DeeDee Sullivan and Kaitlyn Wagers were the plays of the night.  The Mavs got on the board early when a pair of singles by Amanda andHannah Pullias turned into a pair of runs when Dorman allowed an error, hit batter, and walk to push the runners across the plate.  The next inning Kaitlyn’s single and Amanda’s RBI pushed it to 3-0 – where it stayed until the fifth inning home runs made it 5-0 and put the game out of reach. 

The Lady Mavs went 3-0 in their district championship run, outscoring their elite playoff competition by an astounding 18 runs to none.  The upstate championship starts Saturday at Mauldin High School.