Mauldin vs JL Mann

Going with the flow into the second quarter, the Lady Mavericks continued to execute the offense, play a nice ¾ court pressure defense to control the game. The Lady Patriots scored only 3 in the quarter, nearly being shut down by the Lady Mavs. The press and the hustle allowed Coach Hood to take the opportunity to give more of her players some playing time. 11 players were able to get in the game during the 2nd quarter. #20 Antonia Thomas forced turn-overs, rebounded, played great defense and scored in some very exciting play. The quarter ended with a score of 34 to 9, Mauldin.

The weirdest thing happened in the beginning of the second half. For the first full 2 minutes, neither team scored. Both teams were making passing looking for openings in the defense to take a shot, but few shots were taken and no points were scored. Finally, Mauldin broke the silence. #11 Caitland Considine scored 4 baskets and stole the ball too. #10 La’Daisa Johnson scored a basket. #15 Walisha Brown off the bench scored a basket as well. #12 Khalia Shaw had a nice blocked shot and #33 Abigail Hurwitz stole the ball to finish out the quarter. Lady Patriots did not score a point until there was 7 seconds left in the quarter.  #10 La’Daisa Johnson made 1 of two free throws and then their #11 Caitland Considine scored a basket. The quarter ended 46 for Mauldin and 10 for Mann.

The final quarter of play went much the same as the rest of the game. Lots of players on Mauldin’s team were able to play. #10 La’Daisa Johnson had a basket and a steal. #11 Caitland Considine had a rebound, a steal, and assist and a 3-pt basket. #21 Makayla Green also had a rebound, an assist and a basket. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas was fouled but scored the basket and finished it making the free throw. She had a rebound.  #32 Deja Harrison scored a 3-pointer. #30 Grayson Bowie got a rebound. And #33 Abigail Hurwitz got a rebound and scored 2. The final score was 61 Mauldin to 13 JL Mann.