Mauldin vs Hillcrest (at HOME)

Coach Hood has made significant improvements in this team in just the first half of the season. It is the intangibles in the equation that make for the crazy results. Are the ladies ready to play? Do they really think they can win? Are the referees going to do their job? It sure isn’t an easy job to coach these young women. But Mauldin is really lucky to have this wonderful coach who is passionate, knowledgeable and motivating for our team.

On the other side of the court and doing the same job is the Hillcrest Lady Rams coach, Kristen Ray.

Getting the start for Mauldin at the home game against Hillcrest:

#10 La’Daisa Johnson

#11 Caitland Considine

#14 Marshaye Leake

#21 Makayla Green

#24 Dah’Vielle Lucas

The first quarter began a much different game than at Hillcrest. #11 Caitland Considine was not in instant foul trouble. The Lady Mavs were getting rebounds and executing their offense. There were at least 8 rebounds in the first quarter for Mauldin and only 2 for Hillcrest (taken by the unofficial score-keeper – me—as are all the stats that are presented in these articles.) #11 Caitland shot in two baskets for 7 points and a free-throw including a 3 pointer at the buzzer that seriously motivated the team! #14 Marshaye Leake scored a basket. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas got the lion’s share of the rebounds and scored a basket too. #12 Khalia Shaw, always a great defender, had a very nice steal. The quarter ended with Mauldin up two, 10 to 12.

The second quarter showed that Mauldin has been getting better with every game. #21 Makayla Green made a nice fake throwing off the defender and then showed some patience to take the open shot and score. She had a pair of baskets and a steal. #10 La’Daisa Johnson scored 2. #11 Caitland scored 2 and pulled in a rebound. #12 khalia Shaw scored 2 and had a steal and rebound. # 24 Dah’Vielle Lucas was called for a charge, which was just one of the questionable calls. She scored a basket too. Playing just a few seconds of the quarter, #15 made an impact with an offensive rebound. Mauldin scored 12 points to Hillcrest’s 6 points finishing the first half 24 to 16.

After the halftime break, the Hillcrest lady Rams showed their resolve. #23 from Hillcrest scored 5 points. The first two baskets came very early on. She also was fouled but didn’t do so well from the line scoring only 1 from 4 shots. #1 scored and number #15 scored, completing their 9 points for the 3rd quarter. The Lady Mavericks were holding their own, even though the referees were making some interesting calls…. #10 La’Daisa Johnson was fouled every time she tried to shoot. She managed to make a nice assist. #21 Makayla Green has a basket. #11 Caitland Considine scored 8 points on 4 baskets, had a couple of rebounds and was called for 2 fouls, even though each and every time she touched the ball there could or should have been fouls called on the other team. The quarter ended with a score of 34 Mauldin to Hillcrest 25.

The referees may have decided to give Hillcrest a chance in this game making some interesting and very questionable calls. Hillcrest’s #11 scored 7 points of the 13 they scored in the 4th quarter. Fortunately Mauldin hung on to their lead. #10 La’Daisa Johnson was on the line 4 times in the 4th quarter. #11 Caitland Considine scored a basket, but committed 2 fouls. #14 Marshaye Leake scored a basket, but also was called for a foul. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas scored a pair of baskets, a pair of rebounds and only fouled once. #12 Khalia Shaw came in late in the quarter and scored both shots in a 1 and 1 after a timeout called with 22.6 seconds left in the game. The Lady Mavericks won the game with a final score of 44 to 38. Go Mavs!!!