Eye Opener Results

  • photo credit Susan Hood

The Girls Varsity team placed 19th overall with Jane Macsay leading the team 21:34 followed by Emma Driggers 21:38. Jessica Roth was next in for the varsity with 22:37. Sadie Smith, Sarah Feaster, Lauren Fox, and Frazier Beane rounded out the top varsity seven runners crossing the line.

The JV girls team placed 9th led by Bridget Walsh. Anna Kuiper, Michael Marie Stogner, Taylor Bennett, Victoria Powell, Emily Smith, and Natalie Herndon were next in for the JV Girls team.  


The Mauldin Varsity Boys team learned again how imporant all 7 runners are on a team. The Varsity boys team scored 194 points putting them at a tie for 3rd place. In Cross Country a tie is broken by the 6th or 7th runner's place and time. Science Hill School's 6th runner cross the finish line 10 seconds ahead of Mauldin's 6th man. Science Hill was awarded 3rd place and Mauldin was given 4th. Mauldin boys beat out all other South Carolina schools at the meet including competitive Riverside, Wade Hampton and Wando! 

JV Boys team placed 7th overall with Stefan Abare leading the team. Scott Sweet and Matthew Justus were next in along with Eddie Laiewski, Kaleb Guion, Ian Burch, and Chandler Taylor

Varsity Boys Results

1. Zach Girvin  16:33.40;

2. Ryan Smith  17:02.30;

3. Sawyer Willingham 17:21.70;

4. Zach Marion 17:24.66;

5. Brayden Leopold 18:18.24;

6. Hayden Ferrell 18:29.16;

7. Jacob Hood M 12 19:52.52