Lady Mavs Tennis 8-2;3 Tough Matches this Week

The Lady Mavs have had a winning season in a re-building year.  They have beat the following teams in their last matches:  Hillcrest, Boiling Springs, Byrnes, and Wade Hampton.  They lost to Riverside and Spartanburg.  This week, they will have another chance at Riverside on Thursday, at home.  Also up this week:  Gaffney Away on Tuesday, and Christ Church at home on Wednesday.  Come on out Wednesday and Thursday to support the team!

Match scores are as follows:

Wade Hampton

Alex Patton 6-3;4-6:Won Tiebreak;  Sheila Walsh 6-2;6-1;  Madeline Weih 6-1;6-0;  Emma Delaby 6-1;6-1;  Madison Albert 6-0;6-1;  C. Terlitski/A. Parsons 6-1;6-1

Boiling Springs

Patton 6-3;6-2;  Weih 6-1;6-0;  Walsh 6-1;6-2;  Delaby 6-0;6-1 Parsons 6-3;6-2;  Albert/Terlitsky 6-3; 3-6;  Won Tiebreak


Patton 7-5;6-3;  Weih 6-1;6-3; Walsh 6-1;6-0;  Delaby 6-1;6-0;  Parsons 6-4;6-5;  Terlitsky/Pearson 6-1;6-2


Patton 6-0;6-0;  Weih 6-3;6-2;  Walsh 6-4;6-0;  Delaby 6-2; 4-6; Won Tiebreak; Parsons 4-6;6-4; Won Tiebreak; Bowes/Albert 7-5; 6-2

Riverside --Sheila Walsh won her match 6-2;6-2.  Other matches were as follows: Patton 1-6;6-7;  Weih 6-2;1-6;Lost Tiebreak;  Delaby 2-6;6-0; Lost Tiebreak; Albert 3-6;3-6;  Bowes/Parsons 4-6;1-6

Spartanburg--Sheila Walsh and Emma Delaby won 1-6;7-5; Won Tiebreak and 5-7;7-5; Won Tiebreak, respectively.  Patton 0-6;1/6; Weih 2-6;2-6;Parsons 1-6; 6-7