Mavs Tennis Lose to Spartanburg

The Mavs lost to Spartanburg, 0-6. Overall record now 9-6.


Brown def. Ryan Wilson 6-4,6-3
N. Nawabi def. Loic Delaby 6-2,6-1
Easterling def Andrew Wetzel 6-0,6-0
Williams def. Mitch Finney 6-1,6-0
J. Nawabi def. Nick Loveless 6-0,6-0

Keim/Rupp def. Jason Mathews/Will Alexander 6-2,6-3

Nathan Cousins lost 8-0
Jake Moffitt lost 6-4
Jake Mc Kinney lost 6-2

Final league match, Tuesday, 4/23 @ Boiling Springs.  Region playoffs start the following week. Look for the schedule for these matches soon. GO MAVS!