The Trek to Boiling Springs, Tuesday Jan. 22, 2013

The first quarter was pretty one sided. #32 Marshaye Leake had a Rebound.  #12 Kilian Meilinger had a steal. #10 La’Daisa Johnson had 2 rebounds and a steal. #11 Caitland Considine has two rebounds and two points. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas had 4 rebounds, 4 points and a blocked shot. #25 Kentra Washington had two steals, two rebounds and 3 points. The score at the end of the first quarter was 22 to 4, Mauldin.

The second quarter saw 10 Mauldin players on the court. #11 Caitland Considine, #12 Kilian Meilinger, #15 Walisha Brown, #20 Miayua Bailey, # Abigail Hurwitz got the start on the second quarter. #15 had a steal and rebound. #23 Taylor Scott scored 9 points and pulled in a rebound. #10 La’Daisa Johnson added a point from the freethrow line. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas stole the ball. #32 Marshaye Leake pulled in a rebound. #25 Kentra Washington had an assist and 3 points. The score at the half was 41 to 11, Mauldin.

The third quarter continued the effort. #10 La’Daisa Johnson scored a pair of 3’s and a two pointer. La’Daisa had a hot hand making nearly every shot she took. #11 Caitland Considine has a steal 3 rebounds and 8 points. #25 Kentra Washington had 4 steals, two rebounds, and 6 points. #33 Abigail Hurwitz had 3 rebounds. #20 Miayua Bailey had a steal and pulled in a rebound. #23 Taylor Scott went 2 for 2 from the foul line and had a steal. #12 Kilian Meilinger had a rebound. #15 Wailisha Brown score 4 points. The quarter closed with Maulin leading 71 to 17.

Finishing off the game in the forth quarter, Mauldin’s #10 La’Daisa Johnson add 2 to the score. #20 Miayua Bailey had a very nice offensive rebound and put it right back up for 2 points. #23 Taylor Scott launched her 3 pointer adding more to the score. #32 Marshaye Leake had 3 steals with 4 points and a rebound. #33 score a basket and had a pair of rebounds. #25 Kentra Washington also added a rebound. The final was 87 to 24 for a Mauldin win.