Spartanburg Lady Vikings visit Mauldin

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The Lady Vikings started from the tip-off with good passing and some energetic plays. An early steal stole the momentum that Mauldin built shortly after the first few plays of the game. #50 stole the ball and put in 2 baskets during the quarter. #44 seemed to dominate the backboard pulling down a few rebounds from the start. But Mauldin was not going to be shut-out. Our #12 Kilian Meilinger shot a “nothing but net” 3-pointer to silence the Lady Vikings for long enough for Mauldin to regain their confidence. #11 Caitland Considine put in 2 all alone with a 7 ft jumper. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas stole a prized rebound and put in 2 while being fouled! #25 Kentra Washing had a beautiful blocked shot and a rebound too, but the team had a hard time getting the ball to her in the post. Many times she was being double teamed. #13 Julyssa Brown scored 1 of 2 shots and kept the intensity needed on their point guard. The 1st quarter ended 10 to 14 for the Lady Vikings from Spartanburg.

The second quarter was another story. The Lady Mavs started to improve their rebounding and getting the ball into the posts. #25 Kentra Washington pulled down the first rebound establishing a precedence. She was fouled on her shot and sunk 1 out of 2 foul shots. She pulled in a pair of rebound, then blocked a shot and scored two more times during the quarter. #13 Julyssa Brown scored a pair of baskets and kept the amazing pressure on the Lady Viking causes a few turnovers.  #11 scored an early basket and made a few great plays, one of which was a beautiful back-door pass to Kentra under the basket for an assist! But #23 Taylor Scott launched 2 3-pointers for a game changing turn in the momentum of the game that the Lady Vikings did not respond to. The quarter ended 27-23 for Mauldin!

The 3rd quarter continued to build on the Lady Mavericks lead. #12 Kilian Meilinger scored a couple 3-pointers in her pure shooter style. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas has a pair of rebounds with one put back for 2 points and another 6ft. jumper from the field for 2. #25 Kentra Washington pulled down a rebound. #11 Caitland Considine scored a pair for baskets increasing the lead for our Lady Mavericks. The 3rd quarter ended with a score of 43 to 35 for Mauldin.

The fourth quarter challenged the character of both teams. There was a lot of fouling on the Lady Viking’s side, but their intensity paid off as they brought the score to a tie. #25 Kentra Washington shot a 3-pointer early in the 4th quarter, then was fouled hard on her next shot leading to 2 foul shots which she sunk easily from the line. She repeated that process with a strong rebound and then another 3-point shot. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas set herself and drew the charge on a very quick Lady Viking.  #21 Lady Viking had 7 points during the quarter that made a difference in their team’s confidence and brought the end to the quarter at 57 to 57 tie game going into overtime.

The 4 minute overtime period was a wild ride. The first two minutes clicked off the clock with not a lot of scoring. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas pulled down a crucial rebound for our team. Caitland Considine #11, was fouled on the resulting shot and sank both foul shots. #25 Kentra Washington scored 1 from the field but did not score her foul shots on the next attempt. #11 Caitland Considine was sent to the line twice at the end of the clock, but the final set of foul shots she shot for a perfect 2 out of 2, to calmly deliver the win for our Lady Mavericks with a final score of 63-61.