Mauldin at Dorman Dec 14, 2012

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In the first quarter, we had five different players score. #11 Caitland Considine, #13 Julyssa Brown, and #25 Kentra Washington scored 2 from the field each. #12 Kilian Meilinger scored 2 and added her signature 3 pointer to the board. #13 Julyssa Brown and #15 Walisha Brown each had a steal. Both #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas and #25 Kentra Washington had a pair of rebounds.  The quarter ended with Dorman leading 15 to 11.

The second quarter had some ball control issues. While we scored 13 points in the quarter, we turned the ball over at least 8 times. #11 Caitland scored 2 and a 3-pointer. #33 Abigail Hurwitz scored a basket and one of two from the free through line. #25 Kentra scored a 3-pointer and #15 Walisha Brown, and #13 Julyssa Brown both scored one from the field. Plus both Julyssa and Kentra pulled in a rebound each. Our passing was not clean and sometimes behind or over the receiver’s head. Entering halftime, Dorman led 33 to 24.

Into the 3rd Quarter we forgot to crash the boards when a shot goes up. We only had 1 rebound by a forward or center and that was made by #13 Julyssa. The rest of the rebounds belonged to #11 Caitland, and two from #15 Walisha. #11 Catiland had two more steals and made another shot from the field. #10 La’Daisa Johnson also scored one from the field. #12 Kilian scored two more 3-pointers and #25 Kentra also scored two 3-pointers. Kentra also had a very nice steal. While we turned the ball over less times, we got into foul trouble early with 5 fouls in the quarter. The quarter ended with Dorman scoring 17 and Mauldin scoring 16 bringing the score to 50 Dorman to 40 Mauldin.

The 4th quarter was amazing as Mauldin scored 22 points to Dorman’s 16. Again we only had a couple rebounds going to #24 Dah’Vielle and #13 Julyssa. #25 Kentra scored 3 baskets from the field. #13 scored a clutch shot from the field. #12 Kilian added two more 3-pointers to her amazing repertoire. #11 put it in high gear scoring a 3-pointer, 2 assists, and scored one from the field while being fouled. She didn’t make that free through but made one from another shot when she was fouled.

Our Lady Mavericks were really fantastic in this game, never giving up and kept taking it to Dorman. While the final score did not reflect the closeness of this game, these girls played extremely well and should be proud of their effort. The final score was Dorman 66 to Mauldin 62.