Lady Mavs vs Riverside Jan. 11, 2013

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Mauldin started out strong with #25 Kentra Washington scored all 8 points. #11 Caitland Considine had one assist and #12 Kilian Meilinger gave Kentra 2 assists. There were a few turnovers, but our Lady Mavs were first to the loose balls and rebounds.  Kentra also had 4 rebounds. There score at the end of the first quarter was 8 to 4, Mauldin.

Continuing the trend into the second quarter, the Lady Mavs continued to hustle leading to 3 steals in the quarter. #11 Caitland Considine, #25 Kentra Washington, and #13 Julyssa Brown each had a steal. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas scored 6 points on a run that was totally unanswerable by the Lady Warriors. The quarter ended at 17 to 12 for the Lady Mavs.

After the half, our Lady Mavs were something to behold! Hustle was truly the theme of this game. We had 3 steals, 2 by #25 Kentra Washington, and another by #13 Julyssa Brown, who was very exciting to watch as she was so quick so many times winning the loose balls too. #11 Caitland Considine, while called for a lot of questionable fouls, hustled and dove for loose balls and put constant pressure on their point guard.  The quarter ended with a 29-21, Mauldin score.

Fourth quarter sealed the deal. The Lady Mavs stood their ground, maintain their intensity, and won any loose ball around. We pulled down lots of rebound this quarter. #25 Kentra Washington had a pair of rebound and drew a charge during what could have been a strong breakaway by the Lady Warriors. #11 Caitland Considine also pulled in 3 rebounds, sent a beautiful pass to Kentra for an assist and added 2 points of her own.  #23 Taylor Scott got in the game the launched a beautiful pair of 3 pointers and put 2 out of 2 from the free-throw line. The final score was 46-33, Mauldin on a solid game delivered by our Lady Mavericks!