J.L. Mann visits the Lady Mavs

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Early on it looked like it would be a struggle as our Lady Mavs struggled to get a decent shot off. While J.L. Mann had a few fouls, they played a very tight and active defense. The first quarter closed with a score of Mauldin 8 against J.L. Mann 16. J.L. Mann’s #11 Angel McGowen scored 7 quick points in that quarter and was a huge play-maker for their team. If she wasn’t taking the shot, she was drawing a defender to open up her team for an easy pass.

The Lady Mavericks did not give up. With a lot of great hustle and some amazing spurts of outstanding play, the Lady Mavericks broke even with their opponents with a total of 8 points each ending the quarter at 16 – 24 J.L. Mann. #13 Julyssa Brown got the first complete set of free throws of the season and did it just after stealing the ball and getting fouled.

After the half, the 3rd quarter started out with several minutes of outstanding play by the Lady Mavericks. #23 Dah’Vielle Lucas had a great spurt of play with 3 baskets and a steal in about 2 minutes of play. They were passing well, making their layups and hustling the full length of the court. However, they began to missed rebounds and not take advantage of their possessions of the ball. They outscored J.L. Mann and finished the 3rd quarter just 5 points behind with a score of 28 to 34 J.L. Mann.  

The story this time is the same as the last 3 articles written on this site. At just 2:41 left in the game, the Lady Mavs had the win in their sights, and a tie showing on the scoreboard. The Lady Mavericks have the talent to finish the game with a win. Something is stopping them from achieving this. Unfortunately, the fouls and missed rebounds again in the 4th quarter left plenty of room for J.L. Mann to take by the win. The final score was 37 to 42.  J.L. Mann’s #11 McGowen scored 8 out of 10 from the foul line in the 4th quarter, and the only points their team scored the entire 4th quarter.  Mauldin shot 9/15 from the foul line, while Mann shot 12/15. Kentra Washington #25 finished with 13 points.

While it again tough to take this loss, our Lady Mavericks are planning on bringing their A game to Simpsonville to take on their rivals, Hillcrest this Friday. Come join us for a loud and exciting game.