December 7th in Simpsonville's Hillcrest HS

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The Lady Mavs controlled the first quarter with nearly all of the players getting some points on the board.  Caitland Considine #11 had 3 assists early on with some nice team passing. The Lady Mavs were stealing the ball too, while the Lady Rams turned the ball over to the Mauldin several times as well. #25 Kentra Washington was brilliant with 2 amazing rebounds and a quick outlet that lead to some nice possession time for Mauldin. She was fouled but made both of her foul shots. #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas scored 2 and had a pair of rebounds too. Also strong on the boards was #33 Abigail Hurwitz with 2 rebounds, a steal, and two points. #13 “the Exciting” Julyssa Brown added a rebound, a ton of great defense and two points too. Starting her trend for the game#12 Kilian Meilinger shot her first beautiful 3-pointer of the game. All this in only the first quarter! The Lady Mavs were ahead finishing the quarter with 5 Hillcrest to 15 Mauldin.

Slowing a bit, the Lady Mavs built on their lead in the 2nd quarter with some great plays but missed foul shots. #11 Caitland Considine made a great play blocking a shot. #12 Kilian Meilinger, #13 Julyssa Brown, and #24 Dah’Vielle Lucas all stole the ball during the quarter. The Lady Mavs were not very strong at the line missing a lot of opportunities to build on their lead from the foul line making only 4 of 11 free throws. #25 Kentra Washington sank both of her shots in those numbers. The second quarter ended 13 to 25 Mauldin.

Third quarter Hillcrest picked up some momentum. Our Lady Mavs played a bit sloppy, fouled a little, did not move the ball like they had been and can do. #15 Walisha Brown put in a foul shot. They only recorded rebound noted for the entire 8 minutes was by #33 Abigail Hurwitz.  Fortunately, there were 8 minutes more to play and the quarter ended with a score 24 to 32 Mauldin still in the lead.

Take a deep breath, will you! Our Lady Mavs finished this game with some amazing shooting. Our #12 Kilian Meilinger scored 14 points on 5 shots, four 3-pointers!  She did not miss. Adding to the total along the way, #11 Caitland Considine sank 2 foul shots, #25 Kentra Washington had a rebound and a shot from the field. #33 added a few rebounds to keep the ball in the hands of the shooters. The game ended 44 to 50 Mauldin and the sounds of “E-I-E-I-O” could be heard all the way to Main Street in downtown Simpsonville, as the Mauldin bus drove our champions home.