Recap of Meeting for Fall 2013 XC

1.  Start running!  Find a partner and start running.  Speed not as important as distance.  For new runners, try to get out there every other day and be working up to 3 miles.
2.  Take a multi vitamin and use low fat chocolate as a recovery drink.
3.  First day of conditioning is Monday June 24, 7am in the MHS parking lot.  Must have
Reflective Vest
Sports physical (form on the Mauldin athletic website)
Insurance Check (amount still to be determined)
Other forms forms found on website
4.  Brevard Runners Camp
Individual's choice.  With 7 or more runners Coach will attend and take the team up on the bus.  Sign up at the Brevard Runners camp website.  We will attend the 1st week, July 7th.  If you  would let me know if you are planning to attend that would help Coach with his planning.  If you have any questions, just let me know.  We have attended twice now and should be able to  answer your questions
5.  Be looking for date for two summer car washes as we will need all runners help with those.
6.  Booster Club Blitz is slated August 25th and is mandatory for all athletes.