Turn in Team Uniforms

All track uniforms musted be turned into your coach by Wednesday with the exception of those going to State.  Be sure they are cleaned, DRY, and placed in a plastic ziploc bag with your name clearly marked on the outside of the bag.  If you dump the uniform off and don't have your name on it then you might not get credit for turning it in.  Remember those that don't turn in their uniforms will be fined for the cost of the uniform.  Seniors all fees and uniforms must be returned in order for you to attend graduation practice.  Be sure you check with Coach to see that your name is off the list of "Who didn't turn in their uniforms."  Can't stress enough, every year we have athletes that forget and are put on a list and get called down to the office for payment. Let's make this year 100% uniform turn in year!  Captains can help with this too!