Boy's Tennis 13-5 on Season

The Boy's Tennis Team hosted Southside High School on Thursday, 4-19-12. Your MAVS played well resulting in a dominating win. The next match is Tuesday, 4-24-12 at Riverside. This is an important Region match which will determine positioning for the playoffs. Everyone come to Riverside to support the team!
Mauldin            7
Southside        0
#1 Singles-Alan Pearce (M) def. Chandrasekhar (S)   6-1, 6-2
#2 Singles-Ryan Wilson (M) def. Luu (S)   6-0, 6-0
#3 Singles-Loic Delaby (M) def. Doan (S)   6-1, 6-0
#4 Singles-Thomas Sickle (M) def. Bonitati (S)   6-2, 6-3
#5 Singles-Mitch Finney (M) def. Song (S)   6-1, 6-0
#1 Doubles-Alan Pearce/Loic Delaby (M) def. Luu/Jones (S)   8-1
#2 Doubles-Chris Haas/Gavin Stewart (M) def. Stall/Verhoevan (S) 6-0, 6-1
Exhibition Matches:
Nick Piper/Nick Loveless (M) def. Merchant/Jain (S)  8-1
Jason Mathewes (M) def. Jack Runge (S)  6-1, 7-6
Will Alexander (M) def. Walker (S)   8-4
Nick Loveless/Jonathan Fang (M) def. Patnam/Jain (S)   8-2