Mavs Roust Riverside 2-1

     The Lady Mavs travelled to Riverside on a brisk evening to take on the Warriors.  Both teams started the match trying to control a bouncy ball on a very firm pitch.  As the play transitioned to the ground, it began to shift with the wind and into Mauldin’s end of the pitch.  Riverside tried to play the ball long and direct but for the most part could not keep it from running the length of the field and over the goal line.  The Mavs did a good job of checking the attacks or shepherding the ball out.  In the tenth minute The Warriors again played long out of the back but this time were able to control the ball’s run.  The Riverside wing played an early ball across goal which took the Mavs’ defense and keeper by surprise and put the Warriors ahead.  The Mavericks kept working hard to keep the ball down out of the wind and most possessions began deep in their own half.  Building out of the back, the Mavs were often able to work forward through quick touches and smart passes.  Midway through the half Mauldin attacked through the middle.  Nearing the top of the box, Heather Madden slotted a diagonal ball behind two defenders where Emily Smith drove the ball across the goal.  Brooke Swetenburg was waiting to touch the ball under the keeper for the equalizer.  Both sides picked up the pressure with Jordan Mosher beating three defenders before her shot went just wide.  The Warriors generated their chance just before half by slotting a ball through a retreating Mav back line, but Olivia Baker came out quick and sure to smother the attack.

     Now with the wind at their back, Mauldin came out fast and determined.  It only took six minutes for their efforts to pay off.  Brianna Bassie collected a nice pass from the center and turned it down the line.  With a Warrior in her pocket she drove down the right side before cutting to the corner of the area.  She fired a low hard shot to the right side.  The Riverside keeper collapsed to her left and got a touch but the pace of the shot was too much and she spilled it into goal.  With the Mavs now in front, Riverside pressed hard after the restart and a low shot found its way through the defense before striking the left post.  Mauldin kept up the offensive pressure and had success down the right.  Jordan worked her way deep to the goal line and squared a ball toward the spot.  Sarah Olyarchuk was in position to slot it home but a hustling keeper took the ball off her foot.  With five minutes left, Riverside threw everything they had at goal.  A Warrior corner was blocked by a Mav but the clearance was sent back to goal.  As it bounced at the players’ feet in front of goal, Olivia bravely threw herself on the ball.  Another last minute attack created confusion near the spot as both sides took turns kicking the ball off each other.  Allison Rushing finally took charge and cleared the ball out to the midfield touch line.  Amidst the late chaos the referee’s whistle finally signaled full time and a quality win for the Lady Mavs.