Mavs Down Dorman 1-0

The JV girls opened the match in good form as usual and continued to build their team working skills. The match was evenly fought on both sides. Meghan Edwards continued her strong defensive skills throughout the 1st half. She showed, on more than one occasion, that she can clear the field from the inside or outside of her foot. Jordan Mosher showed her speed chasing down the ball many times.

Sydney Shaw had a strong shot on goal but the Dorman goalkeeper had the stop and Brooke Swetenburg followed with a good shot on a PK but was again denied by the Dorman keeper.

At the midpoint of the first half the Lady Mavs really started connecting with their passing efforts. Allie Rushing packed a lot of field clearing kicks and it was a joy to see Briana Bassie stop the ball and regain control of the action for the offense.

In the final minutes of the first half Bassie scored on a pass from Swetenburg.  The score was Mavs 1 – Dorman 0 at the half.

In the second half both teams continued to fight hard for the ball. Mosher took a big hit in the box and drew a foul. Shaw took the shot which was unfortunately blocked by the Dorman “wall”.

Emily Smith blocked an excellent kick by Dorman that could have given them momentum.  Shaw had a shot on goal that went just wide and the defense kept the pressure on and denied a goal shot by Dorman. The final shot on goal for the Mavs was with 4:50 remaining by Lauren Hawley.

Final Mavs 1: Dorman 0

Way to rock it JV Lady Mavs.