Mavs 0-2 vs Byrnes

     The Mavs and Rebels both fought from the whistle to control the tempo and establish possession but neither side could mount a serious attack on goal.  At the ten minute mark Sarah Olyarchuk chased a ball down the field and took on three of the Byrnes backs.  She laid the ball back to an onrushing Brooke Swetenburg whose long range effort went just over the crossbar.  The Mavs tried to build on the attack and a few minutes later it almost paid off.  As the ball was worked in from the left, Angela Possidente, Jordan Mosher, Brianna Bassie and Sydney Shaw combined several quick touches and through balls to draw out the defense and bring the keeper well off her line.  The shot however was pushed just wide.  The Mavs had another good chance when Sydney broke free into the Rebel half and ws brought down from behind.  Her free kick from 35 yards out beat the keeper but was inches high.  Just as the Mavs were finding their feet, Byrnes earned a corner kick.  The service fell amongst a group of players and was knocked straight up.  As Olivia Baker came to collect the ball, a Rebel got a head to it first and popped it over her outstretched arms.

     The late first half goal seemed to get the Mavs attention as they came out with purpose in the second.  Sarah got a solid foot to Kristine Arnau’s early corner kick, pushing it wide left.  Sarah then collected a ball past midfield and crossed it to Brooke who settled it and fired a quick shot from the top of the box forcing a good save from the keeper.  The Mav’s settled in as their midfield shut down all pushes through the center while Meghan Edwards, Allison Rushing and Sadie Smith easily handled any balls that found their way through.  On a lone counter, Lauren Cowley got stuck in and stood up the biggest Rebel on the field.  Against the run of play the Mavs gave up a free kick just inside their half.  The long kick stayed low and managed to slip through several players for both teams.  As Olivia came to collect the ball, a Rebel got a toe to it as it passed her and guided it to the right side for Byrnes’ second goal with ten minutes left.  The Mavs spent the rest of the match throwing themselves forward trying to get back in it.  Angela made a hard run up the right side before cutting in and forcing a good save from the keeper at the near post.  On a corner, Angela, Heather Madden and Brianna all took shots from within five feet of the goal but could not find a hole to squeeze the ball through.  Kristine won a ball near the center of goal and fired a long, low shot that the keeper spilled.  Brianna did her best but the keeper collected the ball as Brianna made contact.  The Mavs finished with a flourish of activity in front of the Byrnes goal but were not able to find their goals.