Lady Mavs Swat the Yellow Jackets

Despite keeping all the action in Hanna’s half of the pitch for the first 10 minutes of the game, the Lady Mavs were unable to find the back of the net.  An early attempt from Angela Possidente to Jordan Moser, went just wide of the goal, winding up in the side netting.

The game was one of defense from there on in, with neither Team able to finish any of their attacks.  Megan Edwards, Allie Rushing and Sadie Smith broke up plays early and often. TL Hanna had three successive corners but the Mavs defense was able to deny all attempts to capitalize on that advantage.

The first half closed with Olivia Baker as the Mavs hero.  Olivia brilliantly denied Hanna’s only serious scoring opportunities, one coming off a Direct Free Kick, and the other off a shot that she punched out of the area.

The second half brought more scoring attempts from the Mavs.  Angela Possidente, Jordan Moser and Sydney Shaw all had a go at it, but were just not able to get past the Hanna keeper.  Heather Madden barely missed a header off of Sydney’s corner that ended up in the keepers hands. Meaghan McGinty and Brooke Swetenburg also had attempts at putting the Lady Mavs ahead in the second half.

At the end of regulation play, the coaches agreed to go straight to PK’s.  Shots by Sydney Shaw, Brooke Swetenburg, Sadie Smith, Kristine Arnau and Brianna Bassie were buried in the back of the net with no chance of being stopped.  Olivia Baker came close on two of Hanna’s PK’s but the ball went just out of her reach.

In the end, a missed PK by the last Hannah player, gave the Lady Mavs the victory!