Lady Mavs Dehorn Rams 4-0

     Picking up where they left off on Wednesday last week against Woodruff, the Lady Mavs continued their offensive onslaught.

     The shooting started early and often with Emily Smith connecting a pass to Brooke Swetenburg who fed Jordan Mosher for a shot on goal soon after the opening whistle.  Continuing to move the ball around the pitch with an excellent display of passing, Jackie Saitkowski crossed to Jordan Mosher, who again found Brooke Swetenburg for a shot on goal.  The Hillcrest keeper managed a deflection that Heather Madden barely missed putting into the back of the net. Kristine Arnau also had a great solo run early in the half that fell just short of breaking free.

     On a pass from Sadie Smith that Heather Madden was fouled on, Brooke Swetenburg earned the Mavs first score of the evening on a free kick that went past the reach of the Hillcrest keeper.  Continuing to find open feet, Meghan McGinty found Brooke Swetenburg once again for the Mavs second goal of the evening.  Lauren Hawley had a go soon after and Sydney Shaw went at the goal hard from distance.  Sydney Shaw’s corner late in the half was placed low and hard at the center of the Hillcrest six, finding it’s way into the back of the net off a deflection.  Lauren Hawley had another shot on goal, and Olivia Baler closed the half with a save.  The Mauldin defense of Sadie Smith, Meghan Edwards Emily smith and Allie Rushing and Kristine Arnau again turned in a stellar performance, keeping the ball for the most part in the Hillcrest half.

     The second half started with a combination of passes from Sydney Shaw to Heather Madden to Lauren Hawley, who put a hard shot at the Hillcrest keeper that rebounded to Angela Possidente who’s effort barely missed the Hillcrest woodwork.  Sydney Shaw followed with a run originating in Mauldin half, and narrowly missed splitting the last two Hillcrest defenders for a clear run at the goal, resulting in another Mauldin Corner.

     The Hillcrest Ram’s did their best to fend off the Lady Mavs, who attacked time and time again, until a goal kick landed squarely at Jordan Mosher’s feet who promptly put the ball in the back of the net for the Lady Mavs 4th goal.  A returning Sarah Olyarchuck got involved in several attempts, and had one shot go just wide of the net in the second half.  Brooke Swetenburg worked hard for a hat trick, however the Hillcrest keeper turned in an exceptional performance, keeping the Rams in the game until the end.  The game ended with Meghan McGinty’s floater from distance, narrowly punched over the crossbar.  Again, the Lady Mav’s defense kept the ball squarely in the Hillcrest half of the field.

     The Lady Mav’s final outing is this Wednesday against Byrnes, where they will seek to avenge their only loss of the season.