Lady Mavs Close Season with a “Rebel Routing” Win

     An early run up the field at the beginning of the first half on a pass from Allie Rushing to Heather Madden almost made it look as if the Mavs were picking up where they left off in the Hillcrest game, but this was not to be the case.  For the next 15 minutes, it was a hard battle back and forth between the two Teams.  The Mavs were anxious to get even for their earlier loss to Byrnes at home this season, and Byrnes was just as anxious to deny them that opportunity.  Both sides were physical, but played well within the Laws of the Game to make the first 15 exciting to watch!  Allie Rushing managed to start a ball up the field to Brooke Swetenburg who fed it beautifully to Angela Possidente, resulting in a corner that was cleared.  Brooke Swetenburg’s corner was well placed, but cleared by Byrnes.  The second effort came on a nice touch from Brooke Swetenburg to Brianna Bassie who laid it of to Heather Madden.  Heather’s shot went just wide of the net.  Byrnes made a serious attack that saw their striker get behind the Mauldin defense, but Meghan Edwards ran her down and made a clearing save deep in the final third of the field.  Sadie Smith made an excellent cross to Heather Madden for a shot that also barely missed.

     The Lady Mavs opened up the scoring floodgates about 20 minutes in.  Sydney Shaw put a throw in between three Byrnes defenders in the 18, right at the feet of Jordan Mosher, who was able to turn and let go a bullet into the back of the net for the Mavs first score.  Soon after, Kristine Arnau’s throw in, also to Jordan Mosher, resulted in Jordan’s second goal of the night and the Mav’s second score.  Brooke Swetenburg had another hard shot on goal, and the third Mauldin score came on a corner from Sydney Shaw that Sarah Olyarchuk buried in the back of the net.  The half ended with one more attempt from Sydney Shaw to Brooke Swetenburg who laid it off to Sarah Olyarchuk.  Again the defense of  Allie Rushing, Sadie Smith, Meghan Edwards and Kristine Arnau held firm throughout.

     The second half opened with Byrnes coming out hard and fast.  They went right past the Mavs, but straight at Meghan Edwards, who denied any possibility of a scoring opportunity.  The Lady Mavs quickly regained their composure.  A cross from Brianna Bassie to Sarah Olyarchuk was denied, but the tone was set for the rest of the game.  Angela Possidente fed a cross to Brooke Swetenburg for the fourth goal of the game.

     The Rebels mounted another serious attempt, but Allie Rushing slipped under the Byrnes attacker in the final third of the field, for a great takeaway.  Kristine Arnau followed with another steal in the Mauldin six, maintaining possession and clearing the ball back up the field.  Another perfectly placed corner from Brooke Swetenburg was headed hard by Sarah Olyarchuck and went barely over the top of the goal.  Once again, the Mavs defense stepped up and played great clearing shots to the offense.  Brooke Swetenburg crossed a ball in the final third that Brianna Bassie picked up on a dead run for the 5th Mavs goal of the night.   Sarah Olyarchuk fed a ball to Jordan Mosher who threaded the needle through two Byrnes defenders again to Brianna Bassie who beat the defense to the goal for the 6th and final Mauldin Score.

     Byrnes mounted one last serious attempt that left Olivia Baker one on one deep in the 18.  The Byrnes striker unloaded a wicked point-blank shot from 10 yards that Olivia deflected, ensuring her clean sheet for the game.

     A great season of great soccer!  Thank you Ladies, for making it special for your parents, your school, but most importantly, for yourselves!