Close Match with Westside

Mauldin 40  Westside 41*

106      Gober(W) win by pin over Dylan Hall(M)

113      Leonhartt(W) win by pin over Brandon Ellis(M)

120      Charlie Cook(M) win by 9-1 major decision over Bridgeman(W)*

126      McCoppin(W) win by pin over Malcolm Dalhouse(M)

132      Antoine (W) win by 15-4 major decision over Doug Gantt(M)

138      Kessley(W) win by pin over Marshall Kostuik(M)

145      Gavin Miebach(M) win by pin over McBride (W)

152      Fred Thomas(M) win by DQ over Taylor(W)

160      Johnathon Schultz(M) win by pin over Brewer (W)

170      Timms(W) win by pin over Justin Wofford(M)

182      Cory Hewens (M) win by forfeit

195      Brandon Clarke(M) win by forfeit

220      Jeremy Wofford(M) win by pin over Hester (W)

285      Boseman(W) win by pin over Ruben Martinez(M) 

*The match ended in a tie at 40-40.  Westside won on tiebreaker criteria H, which is the number individual matches with first points scored.  Westside was granted 1 additional point. 

**Rematch of the 2011 State Finals match at 112 lbs. where Bridgeman won by decision over Cook 9-2. 

Mauldin 1-1