MHS Swim Meet Sep 26

The Mavs beat the Rams 179 - 62, in their second home meet of the season.  The Rams have a team that is small in number, but big in spirit.  Our Boys team continues to make us proud as they swim hard every week and achieve personal best times.  Daniel Lucero and Paul Larmore finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the 200M FREESTYLE.  Scoring a 1st place finish in the 200M I.M. was Eric Singleton, who also placed 3rd in the 100M BACKSTROKE.  Davis Keaton swam to a 2nd place finish in the 200M I.M.  Trey Cottrell had two 2nd place finished in the 50M and 100M FREESTYLE events.  Eighth grader, Trey Wall, finished 3rd in the 50M FREESTYLE.  Jackson Gaido had two 1st place finishes in the 100M BUTTERFLY and the 100M BACKSTROKE.  Another 8th grader, Connor Clayton, placed 3rd in both of his individual events, the 100M BUTTERFLY and the 500M FREESTYLE.  Also with two 1st place finishes was Pearson Mann, who won the 500M FREESTYLE and the 100M BREASTSTROKE.  Senior Austin Thomas placed 2nd in the 100M BACKSTROKE, while sophomore Evan Tin also placed 2nd in the 100M BREASTROKE.  Way to go BOYS!