Eastside Meet Results

Eastside High Meet

According to Eastside's website, the Boys Varsity will run at 5pm, Girls Varsity 5:40 and combined JV race to follow.  There will be 10 teams participating...Berea, Riverside, Greenville, Southside, Blue Ridge, Seneca, Greer, Carolina Home, Mauldin, Powdersville.  There is no course map available.  Directions to Eastside High are here

Eastside Meet Results

Coach Howell's photo album of the meet

On a course that was suspiciously long and with more twists and turns than a John LeCarre novel, the Lady Mavs finished 3rd out of 10 teams.  A total of 6 points separated the Lady Mavs from #5 ranked Eastside and #4 ranked Riverside.  Frazier Beane continued her front running finishing 3rd overall.  This meet also marked the return of Brittany Williams, working her way around the course in 6th.

The JV girls made a strong showing taking 6 of the 7 top spots, led by freshman Sadie Smith, followed closely by Jessica Bigner and Cheyenne Galli

Read more for complete team results.   Overall Meet Results

Eastside (48), Riverside (51), Mauldin (54), Carolina Home (110), Blue Ridge (127), Greenville (168), Seneca (189), Greer (196)


Frazier Beane                  21:23

Brittany Williams            21:41

Sarah Lynch                     22:43

Hannah Hetzel                22:58

Lauren Bennett               23:48

Olivia Baddley                 24:14

Bridget Walsh                27:05


Junior Varsity   Mauldin (17), Riverside (48) Greenville (101), Carolina Home (114), Eastside (148), Blue Ridge (176) Greer (178)

Sadie Smith                      24:37

Jessica Bigner                  24:45

Cheyenne Galli                25:15

Sarah Stafford                 25:26

Sarah Feaster                  25:28

Elli Kyriacou                     25:31

Alex Corn                        26:44 

Lauren Fox                       26:45

Victoria Powell                26:46

Amy Berglind                   27:35

Tiffany Gray                     28:20

Megan McCullough           28:50

Jessica Star                       29:27

Hayley Smith                    31:08

Sarah Farley                     32:31