Special Notes about State Meet

Congratulations on a successful season. As we enter the final week of the 2011 Track & Field season, I wanted to remind everyone about a few things before you get to the state championship.

1. Sportsmanship......please talk to you athletes about this. Profanity will not be tolerated and your athlete will be DQed.

2. Uniforms......please be sure your athlete is in proper uniform this Friday and Saturday. You signed off stating that your athlete would be in proper uniform, per the rules. It does not matter what was allowed in your region or in your qualifier.......If your athlete is not in compliance with their uniform/undergarment/etc...they will be DQed.

3. Marks......No tape is allowed on the track at Spring Valley HS. Tennis balls will be available for use in the 4x100 relay. Please bring something to mark the LJ and TJ (not tape) with. The high jump, you will be allowed tape, but your athlete must remove it once the competition is over.

4. Implements.....Have your athlete report directly to the implement weigh-in upon arrival to the track. This is located at the end of the visitor stands across from the discus/shot rings.

Eric J Cummings
President SCTCCCA