Mauldin Home Meet, March 29th, 2011

Meet Results

The Mauldin girls track team easily wins over Christ Church and Carolina at the first home meet of the season.

4x100m relay- 3rd place 54.7

4x800m relay- 1st place 10:24

100m Hurdles-Delaney Smith 2nd place- 19;10, Alex Corn 3rd- 20.5

1600- Brittany Williams 1st- 5:26; Frazier Beane 3rd place- 5:49

400m Hurdles- Delaney Smith-3rd place- 1:24

800- Frazier Beane- 2nd place 2:31.24; Jane Macsay-2nd place 2:31.79

3200- Brittany Williams-1st place- 12:04; Sarah Lynch 3rd place- 12.37

4x400m relay-1st place-4:46

Discus- Chandler Floyd-1st place- 104-4; Samantha Hauser-2nd place- 78-2.5; Hannah Johnson-3rd place- 73-6

Shot-Chandler Floyd-1st place- 35-6.5; Hannah Johnson-2nd place-27-11.5;Samantha Hauser-3rd place-25-10.5

Triple Jump- Stephanie Konruff-1st place-30-3.5; Walisha Brown-2nd place-28-8

Long Jump-Stephanie Konruff-1st place-15-3.75; Daisa Johnson-2nd place-14-5.7; Angela Thomas-3rd place-13-8.75

High Jump- Angela Thomas-1st place-4-4; Jessica  Bigner-2nd place-4-2

Pole Vault- Caitlin Moore-1st place-7-6; Miriam Berry- 2nd place-7-0; Danielle Birchfield- 3rd place-6-6