Brittany Williams receives West Point Award!

Congratulations to Mauldin High junior Brittany Williams who has been awarded the West Point Leadership award for 2011.  The award is given each year to one high school junior based on their academic, athletic, community service, good citizenship and leadership abilities.  The winner is invited to attend the West Point Strong Leader Academy in the summer at the McGrady National Guard Training Center in Columbia, SC.  

Brittany's father Major Williams was on hand to witness the award presentation.  Mrs. Miller arranged a phone call to Brittany's mother Colonel Williams who is currently stationed in Iraq.  Colonel Williams was able to listen to the presentation over the speaker phone in Mrs. Miller's office.

More on the West Point Leadership Award

Brittany is the SC 4A State Cross Country Runner-up, All State & All Region Cross Country, All State & All Region Track, Cross Country and Track Captain, Cross Country Team MVP, Member of the 2010 MHS Record setting Greenville County 4x800 team, Course record holder for the Greenville Country cross country course. In addition to Brittany’s outstanding athletic accomplishments she is also a member of the Mauldin High National Honor Society, Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and maintains a top 10% class rank.  Brittany also qualified this past weekend for the  2011 SC 4A State Track meet in the 3200 meter race and the 4x800 relay! 

Brittany’s name will be displayed on a plaque in the school hall along with the previous West Point Leadership Award winners.

2000 - Ryan Kennedy ‘01

2001 - William Benjamin Havird '02; USC '06; Indiana '07

2002 - William J. Warden '03; Clemson University '07

2003 - Andrew Gilchrist '04; Naval Academy '08

2004 - Courtney M. Robinson ‘05

2005 - Quentin Tyris James '06; Furman University (Hollingsworth Scholar) '10

2006- Alexander Abercrombie SCGS '07; Berklee '11

2007- Thomas Butler Herlong '08; Clemson University '12;

2008 - Eric Christopher Lawson '09; Emory University '13

2009 - Samuel Joseph Hill '10; University of South Carolina '14

2010 - Laura Berglind '11 (first female to receive award ) Clemson University '15

2011 –Brittany Williams ’12