Team Roster Announced


The following is from Coach Gheesling:

Dear Mauldin Lacrosse Family,

I first want to say thank you to all the players for their effort since October.  From the early mornings to the swampy field, the boys have worked their tails off and I couldn't be prouder of them.  The rain threw a wrench in our plans for how the tryouts should look, but we made it through and I'm proud of the work the guys put in.  In the end, choosing this roster was tough for the coaches, especially considering some of the young talent we have waiting for a chance in our freshman and sophomore classes.  I feel we have put together a roster of individuals who will help push our program as we build it into something Mauldin can be proud of. Below is a list of the varsity team.  All who are not on this list are on JV to learn the game better, to grow, to develop, and to become leaders amongst their peers who will one day be their teammates on Varsity.  Varsity players were chosen based on attitude, teamwork, effort, character, technical skill, lacrosse knowledge, physical stature, and ability to grasp concepts.  If a player wants to know the specific reason behind their selected team, please know they are welcome to come talk to me at any time.  Thank you parents for your support and I can't wait to see everyone Feb 5 as we all head to Clemson for the Jamboree.  Below is the Varsity regular season schedule.  Both teams will be practicing tomorrow 2/28/2011.

Congratulations to these individuals on this accomplishment.

2011 Mauldin Varsity Lacrosse Team

Carson Barefoot-M
Brandon Bora-M
Alec Borgelt-M
Chris Bradshaw-D
Robert Fuson-G
Avery Gibson-M
Will Hogan-A
Jacob Jones-M
TJ Jones-LSM
Charlie Kimble-D
David Smiley-M
Jake Norman-G
Andrew Shuba-D
Chase Barbery-LSM

Tom Sharpe-M
Brannon Price-M
David Meador-LSM
TJ Krumins-LSM/D
John Bowen Garris-D
Nick Caffery- FO M
Eric Bloomquist-A
Jeremy Barbery-DM
Brody Swift -
CJ Asmus-A
Tyler Dover-M
Kendall Drew-M
Robbie Enis-M/A
Anthony Kovarick-DM
Jon Krumins-DM
Braxton Bassie-M
Sean Douglas-D
Zack Mcgill-D

Jonah Flick-M/A