3/5 MAULDIN 0-0 White Knoll HSl Viking Cup

    The Lady Mavs took on the White Knoll Timberwolves in the afternoon consolation match. The two teams displayed two distinctive tactics.  Mauldin preferred control - playing to feet, connecting passes and running the wings.  The 'wolves was much simpler: run an aggressive offside trap and kick the ball long.  The styles were further contrasted by Mauldin's disciplined approach vice White Knoll's very aggressive play.  Neither team seriously challenged the goal until Sarah Kate Phillips and Maggie Cowley both nicked the woodwork in a ten second span.

    The second half continued with Mauldin maintaining an edge in possession.  A couple of injuries found the Mavs short handed until Maddy suited up at right back, allowing Cameron Clary to shake off a knock from an out of touch challenge.  The Mavs continued to push, looking for their goal.  Emily Praktish found herself a few times with the ball at her feet and defenders backing away.  She pressed the attack and three times had her shot just miss the top right corner of goal.  Mauldin fought to the end but were unable to find the one that would secure a win.  Despite the disappointment of falling short of their goals, the Mavs should be proud of how they played and how well they maintained their composure in difficult conditions.  Way to go girls!