3/26 LADY MAVS (1) @ T.L. Hanna (0)

The Lady Mavs travelled to T.L. Hanna for a Saturday morning game in the rain and came up with another win for the season.  The girls dominated the first half with good passing skills in the back and middle but came up short on goals.  Ali Simpson's shot on goal about 30 minutes into the half flew over the crossbar.  The girls kept pressure on the opponent's defense for a majority of the half. Rain continued falling as the second half started and the Lady Mavs struggled to get control of the game as the had in the first half. The girls forced a couple of corner kicks. Sarah Tuggle served each one in from the corner and Gina Cardenas headed them but failed to get the ball in the net.  One shot was just left of the post. Sarah served up a third corner kick and Lauren Young put her head on the ball but the ball hit the left post.  With approximately 22 minutes left in the game lightning struck over head and the players headed for shelter for a rain delay. Once play resumed the team had several opportunities to score off corner kicks but failed to get the ball in the net.  The score after regulation was 0-0, a testament to a strong Lady Mavs defense, including some great nabs by goalie, Caitland Considine.  Two 5-minute over time periods produced no change in the score and the game went to PK kicks.  Gracie Boswell, Lauren Young, Sarah Tuggle, and Emily Praktish all placed their PKs in the net.  Ms. Considine, goalie, grabbed the opponents fifth attempt at a PK and the Lady Mavs WON AGAIN.