(3/15/11) LADY MAVS (1) vs. J.L. Mann (0)

Mauldin squared off against J.L. Mann Monday Night at home.  J.L. Mann came out ready to play and held the Mavs to one goal.  Emily Praktish scored from approximately 30 yards out with a strong shot over the Mann goalie's head roughly 15 minutes into the first half.  The Mavs struggled with their passing game but nonetheless dominated the first half.  Ten minutes into the second half, Caitland Considine, freshman goalie for the MAVS, blocked a fast and high shot on goal by deflecting the ball up over the cross bars, an excellent play.  The MAVS continued to pressure their opponent but failed to finish with a goal on at least four strong attempts to score during the second half including at least two corner kicks.  Sarah Tuggle served the ball, after a foul on Emily Praktish, but the Mavs again were unable to convert a goal.  Gina Cardenas served the ball from right midfield in front of the goal as well as from far right pressuring the Mann defense.  Lauren Young headed the ball on one of these occasions missing the goal only slightly as the ball flew over the cross bars a foot or two.  The defense played hard keeping their opponent scoreless.  Great job LADYMAVS!  ANOTHER WIN!!!!