GoMavs.net is recruiting parent volunteers

Every year GoMavs.net asks parents to volunteer to cover the team pages on the website. You can add photos, stories, scores, or just photos, or just scores. It is up to you. Whatever coverage you can give the team would be greatly appreciated. If your coach uses social media for the team or another website, you can copy and paste the stories onto the GoMavs team page (citing your source, of course).  Once stories are entered by parents on the team pages, we can add them to our front page and Facebook page. We simply can't cover all the teams throughout the year without the help of our great parent volunteers. 

For the Fall 2014-15 school year we have the following teams covered thanks to these parents:

Cheer - Kristi and Scott Tuscan

Boys Cross Country - Jenna Smith

Girls Cross Country - Kerry Beckette

Girls Golf - Dawn Czarnecki

Boys/Girls Swim - Kristi & Paul Brooks

Girls Varsity Tennis - Mary Walsh 

JV Tennis - Daphne Poore

Varsity Football- Christine Taylor

D Team Football - Kelli Cisco

Varsity & JV Volleyball - David Moore

WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS for the following teams -

JV Football, C Football

If you are interested, please send an email to lawson4@gmail.com. 

Thank you!