Final results from County Track Meet

Each year at the Greenville County meet an award is given to the top male and female track athlete and the top male and female field athlete.  The awards are voted on by the county coaches.  Mauldin Senior Sean Wright was clearly our top male overall athlete, winning events in both the field and on the track!  Sean was the only boy at the county meet to win 4 events, scoring 80 points for our team!!!  Sean is your 2008 Greenville County Champion in the 400 meter dash, 400 meter hurdles, Triple Jump, and the anchor leg of the 4x400 meter relay!! And all of this on a concrete track!  Congratulations, Sean. 

The boys team lost a core group of seniors to graduation last year.  With their motto, "No Excuses" this year, the young boys team came within 25 points of recapturing the Greenville County title for a second straight  year.  JL Mann won with 363 points, Mauldin came in 2nd with 338 points. This year we will only lose 6 boys to graduation, leaving this team ready to go after their County title in 2009!! Also scoring points for the boys team were:

Andre Clarke – 12th pl. 100 meter dash, 2nd pl. 4x100
Ryan Bennett – 2nd pl. 110 hurdles, 2nd pl. 4x100
Robbie Nelson – 4th pl 110 hurdles, 3rd place High Jump
Marlon Campbell – 3rd pl. 200 meter, 2nd pl. 4x100,  1st pl. 4x400, 7th pl. Long Jump
Josh Mckie – 5th pl. 200 meter, 3rd pl. 400 meter, 2nd pl. 4x100,  1st pl. 4x400
Joseph Hill – 3rd pl. 400 hurdles
Kirby Broome – 11th pl. 400 hurdles, 11th pl. Triple Jump
Tyler Tesch – 7th pl. 800 meter, 8th pl. 1600 meter, 3rd pl. 4x800
Eric Lawson – 9th pl. 800 meter, 5th pl. 1600 meter, 10th pl. 3200, 3rd pl. 4x800
Daniel Weekes – 3rd pl. 4x800, 12th pl. 3200
Graham Harris – 3rd pl. 4x800
Rodney Davis – 1st pl. 4x400, 9th pl. High Jump, 11th pl. Long Jump, 6th pl. Triple Jump
Andy Wallin – 1st pl. Pole Vault
Kenny Driggers – 3rd pl. Pole Vault
Ryan Norton – 3rd pl. Shot Put, 11th pl. Discus

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MHS Track Star - Sean Wright

The girls team came in 2nd place again this year against JL Mann.  The girls were able to maintain their standings without an individual event win.  The depth on the girls team was their advantage.  Top scorer for the team was sophomore Alexa Neiling, placing 3rd in the 1600 meter, 4th in the 3200 meter, 5th in the 800 meter, and the anchor leg of the 2nd pl. 4x800.  The distance group of Alexa, Kathleen Jacob, Hannah Morgan, and Caroline McDonough and the depth of the sprint/jump group of Ashley Hunter, Sierra Graves, Joi Pierce, Rachael Nelson, Shakoka Jemison and Stephanie Konruff helped the team to their runner up position. The team was also helped by having great depth in the hurdles with Ashley Hunter, Mia Braxton, Asia Johnson, and Natalie Terlitsky.  Molly Cashman was able to place in both the Shot put and Discus.   Junior Ashley Hunter was a major point contributor to the team with 2nd place in the 400 hurdles, 4th place in the 200 meter dash, and the anchor leg of the 4x100 relay and 4x400 relay.  Also scoring points for the girls team were:

Sierra Graves – 9th pl. 100 meter, 11th pl. 200 meter, 3rd pl. 4x100 relay
Asia Johnson – 7th pl. 100 hurdles
Mia Braxton – 9th pl. 100 hurdles, 11th pl. 400 hurdles
Nickira Anderson – 11th pl. 100 hurdles
Ashley Hunter – 4th pl. 200 meter, 2nd pl. 400 hurdles, 3rd pl. 4x100 relay, 3rd pl. 4x400
Natalie Terlitsky – 9th pl. 400 hurdles
Joi Pierce – 7th pl. 400 meter, 3rd pl. 4x100 relay , 3rd place 4x400 relay
Rachael Nelson – 11th pl. 400 meter, 3rd place 4x400 relay, 3rd pl. High Jump
Kathleen Jacob – 3rd pl. 800 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800 relay
Alexa Neiling – 5th pl. 800 meter, 3rd pl. 1600 meter, 4th pl. 3200 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800
Hannah Morgan – 9th pl. 800 meter, 7th pl. 1600 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800 relay
Caroline McDonough – 9th pl. 1600 meter, 6th pl. 3200 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800 relay
Stephanie Konruff – 3rd pl. 4x100 relay, 5th pl. Long jump, 7th pl. Triple Jump
Shakoka Jemison – 3rd pl. 4x400 relay
Kira Koenig – 12th pl. High Jump
Savannah Hiller – 11th pl. Triple Jump
Molly Cashman – 9th pl. Discus, 10th pl. Shot Put

Ashley Hunter in relay                                                                                    Alexa Neiling in 1600 meter run