Boys Tennis Team Announced

2013 Boy's Tennis Team Roster Announced Today by Coach Lee Taylor
After a week of try-outs, Coach Lee Taylor has announced your 2013 Boy's Tennis Team.  In alphabetical order they are:  Will Alexander (10th), Nathan Cousins (10th), Loic Delaby (12th), Mitch Finney (12th), Nick Loveless (12th), Jason Mathewes (9th), Jake McKinney (11th), Jake Moffitt (12th), Thomas Sickle (11th), Ronald Tep (10th), Andrew Wetzel (8th), and Ryan Wilson (10th).  8 of the 12 players return to the team from last year.  The full schedule is posted on the Tennis Page of GoMavs.  Come out and support your 2013 MAVS!!