Booster Club High Five Award

This month the High Five Award goes to the entire Booster Club Board.

The September 2014 award is a Thank You to the MAVS Booster Club board for all the Time, Energy and Effort they have put in to starting off our 2014 - 2015 school year. With all of their efforts the MAVS Booster Club has been set up for success. We are so proud and honored to have this team to support our young athletes and school.

For the following names
Wendy Neal
Teresa Bone
Stacy Pingry
Amanda Knope
Cynthia Starr
Sandy Weston
Kimberly Ambersley
Jess Fortune
Laumell Lloyd
Kelli Cisko
George Cisko
Shannon Reilly
Kerry Beckette
Sandy Lawson
Teresa Mattison
Bill Groves
Steve Frady