Booster Club Banner Sales Form


The purpose of Mauldin High School Booster Club is to help the athletic department by supporting all the different sports teams at Mauldin High. 

One of the big fundraisers for the Booster Club is to sell banners that are to be placed anywhere outside the school grounds or inside the gym area.  If you purchase a banner, you may ask a specific location for the banner to be placed – the tennis courts, baseball fields etc.  There is no limit on colors or verbage.  Logos must be Vectored artwork and in eps file. The profits from the banner will be distributed between the booster club and the team that sold that ad.

Banner Sales Form

Banner prices: 

2 x 3   $75 

3 x 7   $250 new,              $150 renewed 

5 x 8 $350 inside new          $225 renewed 

5 x 8 $450 outside new         $300 renewed