Alumni making an impact on Health Care Shortage

  • Celeste Peay


Mauldin Class of 2009 success stories – 

The Class of 2009 is making an impact on the shortage of health care workers in our state. Many of the students that attended in state schools were able to benefit from the enhanced Life and Palmetto scholarships for studying the sciences. Seven students from the class have been accepted to Allopathic Medical School, also known as the traditional medical school that leads to a MD credential. One student will go to a school of Optometry and receive her OD credential. Two students are attending Pharmacology school which will lead to a PharmD credential. Four more students will continue their studies in Chemistry earning their Phd in the field. There are two students entering into a Master in Public Health program and another entering into a Masters in Biomedical Sciences working toward her Phd in the field. We also have a student working towards Physician Assistant School. Another student will attend MUSC Occupational Therapy Program. 

In addition, eight students have graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with another student entering into the program. Another student has graduated with a degree in Biomedical engineering and has a job lined up in the field. One student chose to go into non traditional medicine and will get her Masters in Acupuncture.  

The class has had many other success stories and here are just a few that I was able to find out about. Rachel Woodlee, Rhodes Scholar who will attend Oxford University (Brasenose College) and study Chinese for the next two years. Emily Taylor will be commissioned as an officer in the US Army (2nd Lieutenant) as an Army Aviator. Rachael Nelson was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy and will report to the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA. Joi Pierce was promoted to the rank of Corporal in the United States Marine Corp. Kristen Smith is entering into the Disney College Program as a post-grad participant. Adam Maalouf graduated from the Eastman School of Music and will move to NYC to pursue a career in the field. Chris Askew is interning for Steadman Hawkins orthopedic clinic and plans to apply to medical school. Genelle Williams graduated with a degree in communications and is currently a freelance writer. Amy Moon graduated with a degree in Preprofessional health and plans to apply to med school after taking a gap year. Libby Wallin is employed as a Campus Recruiter for Deloitte in Charlotte, NC. Emily Hetzel is employed as an Account Executive for Sweeney Public Relations in Wilmington, NC. Madison Younginer graduated high school and was immediately drafted into professional baseball by the Boston Red Sox. Madison is currently playing for the Greenville Drive. Nichole Mele graduated from SCAD-Atlanta with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. She will pursue a career in this field in the southern region.Ben Carlson was recently drafted to Major League Baseball with the Los Angeles Angels. In addition, Jon Baddley and Devon Johnson will continue their studies at law school next year. 

Congratulations, Class of 2009, it has been a joy to watch you grow over the past several years! Well done, Mavs, well done!


Medical School

Celeste Peay (Furman)– Boston University Medical School

Kelsey Derrick (Clemson)– Medical University of South Carolina

Curren Smith (Clemson) – Medical University of South Carolina

Eric Lawson (Emory)– University of South Carolina School of Medicine - Greenville

Laura Simon (Virginia Tech) - University of South Carolina School of Medicine - Greenville

Cameron Sutton (Furman) - University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Greenville

Cammy Smythe (Wofford) – University of South Carolina School of Medicine - Columbia

Amy Moon (Clemson) - Medical University of South Carolina


School of Optometry

Lauren Dallas (Clemson) – Southern College of Optometry, Memphis, TN


Pharmacology School

Kira Koenig  (USC)– Presbyterian College

Sarah Schaidle (CofC) – University of Colorado Denver

Thao Vu '11 (USC)- University of South Carolina


Phd Chemistry Schools

Kristen Arabea (CofC)– Colorado State University

Calynn Johnson (CofC) – Washington University, St. Louis

Kimber Klas(CofC) – Colorado State University

Ahlam Armaly (Furman) – University of Michigan 


Masters in Public Health

Matt Wessinger (Furman)– Emory University

Eeshwar Chandrasekar (USC) – Emory University


Masters in Biomedical Science

Allison Stahl (Winthrop)– Mercer University


Physician Assistant School

Morgan Gregg (Elon)

Occupational Therapy School

Alyson Knapp


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Lauren Harper (Clemson), Rachael Nelson (USC), Caroline West (USC), Karli Keels (USC), Leah Sullivan (USC), Stacey Bourgeois (USC), Caroline Gray (USC), Allie Cripps (USC), Megan Jones (Furman),Cameron Slenski (USC Upstate)


Biomedical Engineer

Shayam Patel – Georgia Tech


Masters in Acupuncture

Casey McCullough (Clemson)– Oregon College of Oriental Medicine


Some previous graduates of Mauldin in health care

Amanda Weekes, Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Renee Kulik, Occupational Therapy School; Kelsey Lovine, Masters in Speech Pathology; Caroline Stoddard, Medical School; Kaitlyn Oates, Pharmacist; Allison Praktish – Physician; Jenna Johnson, Pharmacist; Geoff Bloomquist, Dental School; Taylor Harris, Medical School; Megan Fischer, Doctorate in Public Health; Bethanie Hansen, Pharmacy School; Sarah Berglind, BSN; Ashley Miller, BSN; Kimmy Gillespie, Doctorate in Physical Therapy; Nick Baughman, Optometry School; Kevin Kulik, Pharmacy School; Alyssa Kulik, Masters in Speech Pathology; Cam Bloomquist, Phd Chemistry; Ansley Erbacher - Doctorate in Physical Therapy, MUSC.

If you know more students in the heath care field, please let me know so I can add their names to the list.