Senior Superlatives

Class of 2014

Senior Superlatives Class of 2014

Cutest Couple - Jessica Wilson, Gavin Miebach

Most changed since Freshman Year - Jessica Harwood, Teague Jennings

Best Sense of Humor - Lauren Snead, Caleb Johnson

Best Looking -Kayla Elledge, Parker Wyatt

Best Dressed - Brianne Bourdon, Blake Nicholson

Most Spirited - Lizzie Gray, Eric Singleton

Most Likely to Succeed - Jane Macsay, Zach Girvin

Most Outspoken - Hannah Kanipe, Beau Craft

Best All Around - Summer LaBelle, Connor Pereyo

Most Intellectual - Nikita Deshpande, Christian Monsalve

Most Friendly - Averie Brookie, Riley Morningstar

Biggest Flirt - Jessica Landry, Kory Rayburg

Most Athletic - Caitland Considine, Dre Massey

Most Artistic - Elizabeth Byce, Taylor Cottrell

Most Musically Inclined - Smanatha Stogner, Mason Stewart

Most Inseparable Friends- Ann-Marie Wooten, Allison Rushing

Life of the Party - Amy Cronin, Evan Tin

Most Unique - Lauren Landers, Toliver Smith

Most Likely to be President - Sarah Shepard, William Cummings

Most Likely to be a Millionaire - Morgan Steffner, Bryce Miller


Class of 2013

Senior Superlatives Class of 2013 

Best Dressed - Clayton Stoddard and Katie Beth Byram   

Best Looking - Grayson Godino and Shannon Goehring 

Best Sense of Humor - Patrick Warren and Jessica Bagwell 

Most Intellectual - Zach McGill and Kathy Jones 

Most Likely to Succeed - Thomas Stroud and Manuela Chaverra 

Most Athletic - Cory Thompson and Kentra Washington 

Most School Spirited - James Dority and Kasey Brown 

Most Musically Inclined - Frankie Johnson and Carly Rayburg 

Most Artistic - Mitchell Lacer and Anja Paulz 

Best All Around - Spencer Peay and Ansley Speaks 

Friendliest - Noah LaBelle and Grace Alverado 

Most Outspoken - Johnathon Pringle and Miayua Bailey 

Most Likely to be a Celebrity- Marquis Neal and Bianca Garcia 

Most Inseparable Friends- Garrett Stone & Connor Wright


Class of 2012
Best Dressed -Bryson Woodruff & Madison Scott
Best Looking - Connor Grant & Taylor Ellis
Best Sense of Humor -David Allen & Bria Barnhill
Most Intellectual - Mynder Papennyzen & Sandra Siatowski
Most Likely to Succeed -Ben Riddle & Erin McDaris & Kathleen West
Most Athletic -Reggie Lomax & Tori Whittenburg
Most School Spirited - TJ Krummins & Jordyn Lyles
Most Musically Inclined -Layton Meacham & Miranda Silva
Most Artistic -Dakota Burwell & Taylor Meacham
Best All Around -Quinten Miller & Sara Stafford
Friendliest -Mitchel Colebank & Sarah Hetzel
Most Outspoken -Zac Cockman & Sydney Enten
Most Laid Back -Zach Gang & Megan McCollah
Most Likely to be a Celebrity-Davion Gregory & Michele Winters
Most Inseparable Friends-Sarah Phillips & Cameron Clary

Class of 2011

Best Dressed -Ryan Gaitor, Courtney Calhoun

Best Looking - Ignacio Monchetti, Alex Stone

Best Sense of Humor - Daniel Carton, Lindsay Johnson

Most Intellectual - Shyyon Lari, Alana DeKlerk

Most Likely to Succeed - Ryan Mosser, Drew Stephens, Krista Edwards

Most Athletic -Jeremiah Mckie, Dana Landers

Most School Spirited -Jake Norman, Jessica Lyles

Most Musically Inclined -Cole Monroe, Olivia Howerton

Most Artistic -Jonathan Bolton, Heather Granger

Best All Around -Jonathan Herlong, Laura Berglind

Friendliest -Michael Martin, Carson Barefoot, Symone Stamps

Most Outspoken -Ben Sagara, Shatara Martin

Most Laid Back -Joe Stone, Melissa Palacio Cortes

Most Likely to be a Celebrity- Ryan Norton, Kellie Sinkele

Most Inseparable Friends- Marty Durant & Eddie Cummings

Class of 2010

Friendliest - Zack Wilson & Cameron Slenski
Most Intellectual – Natasha Deshpande & Quentin Williams
Most Musically Inclined - Jordan Finley & Courtney Arnold
Most Likely to be a celebrity – Nickira Anderson & Max McKinney
Best Dressed- Wen Hao Tan & Mia Braxton, Rachel Boone
Most School Spirited - Andrea Alonso & Eric Smith
Best All Around – Patrick Havird & Carlie Smith

Most Athletic – Jordan Stovall & TiQuentin Coleman

Most Likely to Succeed – Joe Hill & Aubrey Duggar
Most Outspoken - Dennis Kerwin & Molly Downs
Best Looking – Michael Borkey & Leah Esposito
Most Laid Back - Austin Grant & Hayden Uldrick
Best Sense of Humor - Lane Smith & Molly Armstrong
Most Artistic - Aaron Sepsey & Brandy Cessarich, Jalysa Leva

Class of 2009 -

Friendliest - Allie Cripps & John Allen
Most Intellectual - Celeste Peay & Thomas Koutsogiannis
Most Musically Inclined - Megan Warden & Adam Maalouf
Most Likely to be a celebrity - Ashley Hunter & Chris Jones
Best Dressed- Katie Brock & Jamal Olden
Most School Spirited - Libby Wallin, Kira Koenig, Anthony James
Best All Around - Morgan Gregg & Jon Baddley
Most Athletic - Brittany Bynum & Josh Mckie
Most Likely to Succeed - Curren Smith & Eric Lawson
Most Outspoken - Emily Taylor & Kyle Galt
Best Looking - Kevin Liller & Lili Macias
Most Inseparable Friends - Caroline Tracy & Megan Jones
Best Sense of Humor - Emily Hetzel & Taylor Baughman
Most Artistic - Kristen Arabea & Thomas Brush

Class of 2008
Best Looking - Lauren Hunt, Andy Culp
Best All Around- Evan Duggar, Kruger DeKlerk
Best Dressed - Ansley Erbacher, Migel Blackwell
Best Sense of Humor - Alexia Pringle, Duncan Lucero
Most School Spirited - Charnise Mangle, Pete Leahy
Most Likely to Succeed - Hillary Baker, Neel Mehta
Most Musically Inclined - Meredith McDonald, Alex Newton
Friendliest - Chelsie Curtis, Tom Lanahan
Most Athletic - Becca Brown, Thomas Herlong
Most Intellectual - Alyssa Kulik, Erik Chamberlain
Most Artistic - Brianna Carton, Ryan Cohen
Most Laid-Back - Brittany Wright, Charlie Carson
Most Outspoken - Julia Johns, Blake Cox
Most Likely to be a Celebrity - Amina Galadima, Richard Wooten
Most Inseparable Friends - Amy Yancey, Daniel Jurney

Class of 2007
Best Looking - Kathryn Marchbanks, Bryson Baltz
Best Dressed - Mari Lydia Abshire, Zach Theisen, Tara Agnew
Best Sense of Humor - Ashley Whitworth, Mitch Norris
Most Intellectual - Christina Land, Chas McGill
Most Outspoken - Alyssa Stone, Grayson Griffin
Most Athletic - Jake Stovall, Sarah Berglind
Biggest Flirt - Morgan Cook, Don Bailey
Most Musically Inclined - Courtney Samuel, Daniel McKee
Best All Around - Beth Clayton, Blaine Smith, Sheaffer James
Most Artistic - Matt Zaccari, Mary Hart
Friendliest - Clayton Johnson, Amanda Weekes
Most School Spirited - Lexi Heidelberger, DJ Harris, Hillary Sharbaugh
Most Likely to Succeed - Drew Everson, Lindsay Wallace (May Drew Rest in Peace October 23, 2010)
Most Laid-Back- Jenn Wood, Craig Jones
Most Likely to Become a Celebrity - Cierra Gilchrist, Jake Mullen
Most Inseparable Friends - Zach Peterman, Kevin Peterman

Class of 2006
Friendliest - Matt Couch, Ashlee Wilcox
Most Outspoken - David Erbacher , Megan Novak
Most Laid-Back - Nathan Harper, Elizabeth Sullivan
Best Looking - Ben Creasy, Lauren Davis
Most Likely to Succeed - Carl Hiller, Victoria Nunnelly
Most Artistic - Ian Backlund, Elyse Cox
Best Sense of Humor - Matt Foster, Nicole Maher
Most Athletic - Andrew Klas, Eileen Sullivan
Most Musically Inclined - David Kumler, Kelly McNamera
Most School Spirited - Robert Jenny, Joyce Allison
Best Dressed - Justin Butler, Ashley Hagins
Biggest Flirt - Mat Jacobs, Lauren Klas, Katelyn Craigo
Best All Around - Ryan Williams, Trisha Posell
Most Likely to be a Celebrity - Quentin James, Anna Keel
Most Intellectual - John Parker, Raina Luthra
Most Inseparable - Lizzie Forbus, Mandy Matthews  


Class of 2005:
Best All Around:  Blake Clyborne & Morgan Burdette
Most Musically Inclined:  Dusty Matthews & Emilie Bartholomew
Most Artistic:  Brian Sizemore & Carlene Vance
Best Looking:  Andrew Williams & Hannah Wilson
Best Dressed:  Austin Silkner & Amy Meyer
Most Outspoken:  Mark Edmonston & Bethanie Hansen
Most Likely to be a Celebrity:  Horace Dixon & Ashley Nelson
Biggest Flirt:  Callie Borkey & Tyler Hovis
Best Sense of Humor:  Ashley Nelson & Garrett Givens
Friendliest:  Josh Frazier & Jessica Simpler
Most Likely to Succeed:  Chris Beaufort & Courtney Robinson
Most School Spirited:  John Ferguson & Chelsea Baltz
Most Athletic:  Heidi Lentz & Kaleb Stone
Most Laid-Back:  Katie Mauldin & Rainer Blickle
Most Inseperable Friends:  Morgan Burdette & Jessica Kilcoyne


Class of 2004:
Best All Around:  Kiley Dorton & Kayla Smith
Most School Spirited:  Stevie Epps & Kelly Simpson
Most Intellectual:  Brian Hannon & Laura Crews
Best Looking:  Austin Benoit & Meredith Patterson
Best Dressed:  Krish Patel, Teresa Shimow & Coreisha Walker
Biggest Flirt:  Chris Tidmarsh & Kacie Rowe
Best Sense of Humor:  Andrew Runion & Ashley Kinard
Friendliest:  Sam Mitchell & Megan George
Most Likely to Succeed:  Andrew Gilchrist & Katelyn Oates
Most Musically Inclined:  Adam Pajan & Lindsey Ballentine
Most Artistic:  Mark Gettys & Ashley Gerst
Most Athletic:  Marques Stewart & Kimmy Gillespie