Wendy's Heisman

  • 2013 Winners - Hannah Page & Zach Girvin

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The Heisman name has signified excellence, determination, and prestige among college football’s elite for eight generations. In 1994, the next level of outstanding achievers ensconced their names into the Heisman lore when the Wendy’s High School Heisman (WHSH) was created.

The WHSH program has set the standard for high school student-athletes, and gained tremendous prestige in its own right as the program combines the best of high school athlete and academic awards. Each fall, the WHSH recognizes the nation’s most esteemed high school senior men and women for excellence in academics, athletics, and community/school leadership. Students from across the country become in involved in the WHSH program because these prestigious student recognition awards highlight their accomplishments and the winning students are showcased on a national level.

To date more than 198,000 high school students have represented their schools and have been touched by the Heisman mystique. Of them, 193 have progressed to national Finalist level, with 32 earning the designation of Wendy's High School Heisman National Award Winners.


Here are the Mauldin High School Wendy's Heisman winners going back to 2000 -

2015 - Emma Driggers (Cross Country/Track)

2014 - Sarah Lynch (Cross Country/Track), Matthew Justus (Cross Country/Track)

2013 - Hannah Page (Cheer), Zachary Girvin (Cross Country/Track)

2012 - Ansley Speaks (Tennis)(State Finalist), Noah LaBelle (Cross Country/Track)(State Finalist)

2011 - Laura Woodlee (Volleyball), Ebaja Sullivan (Football/Basketball)

2010 - Laura Berglind (Cross Country/Lacrosse), Carson Smith (Football/Track) (State Finalist)

2009 - Alexa Neiling (Cross Country/Track), Anthony Stephens (Football/Basketball)
2008 - Laura Simon (Swimming), Eric Lawson (Cross Country/Track) (State Finalist)
2007 - Becca Brown (Swimming, Basketball, Lacrosse), Thomas Herlong (Football/Basketball)
2006 - Sarah Berglind (Basketball, Lacrosse), Andrew Everson (Lacrosse) - May Drew Rest in Peace October 23, 2010
2005 - Lauren Klas (Cross Country/Track), Carl Hiller (Wrestling/Swimming)
2004 - Julie Henderson (Swimming), Rand Baughman (Baseball)
2003 - Mark Gettys (Swimming) (State Finalist), Kimmy Gillespie (Soccer) (State Finalist)
2002 - William Warden (Football/Baseball), Barbi Breimann (Volleyball/Basketball)
2001 - Amy Maynard (Cross Country/Softball), James Lane (Football/Wrestling/Baseball)
2000 - Shayla Freeman (Basketball)   





2010 Wendy's Heisman Winners - Laura Berglind & Carson Smith  


2009 Wendy's Heisman Winners - Lexi Neiling & Anthony Stephens


2008 Wendy's Heisman Winners - Laura Simon & Eric Lawson (State Finalist)

2007 Wendy's Heisman winners - Becca Brown & Thomas Herlong