2012 Homecoming

  • photo credit Bill Brucker



2012 MHS Homecoming Queen Grace Alvarado de Leon & Homecoming King Dakota Skutka!

Congratulations to the following girls who were chosen to represent their class for Homecoming 2012 on October 12th.

Freshman class - Grayson Bowie, Lauren Dominguez, and Versachee Martin
Sophomore class - Halle Calhoun, Daija Jackson, Anna Kuiper, and Meaghan McGinty
Junior class - Kayla Elledge, Summer Grace LaBelle, and Sydney Stansell 
Senior class -Grace Alvarado de Leon , Hannah Brown, Bianca Garcia, Shannon Goehring, Ann Jacob, Skye Rogers, Sammi Smyth, Madi Tracey, Heloisa Ubarana, and Deja Vaughn

Congratulations to all these girls!


Congratulations to the following boys who were chosen as Homecoming King nominees -

Chris Sullivan, Kendal Witt, Zach McGill, Ramon Osuna, Bryson Wettin, Spencer Peay, Thomas Stroud,
Vicky Bham, Jaylan Abrams, Myron Reese, Clayton Stoddard, Dakota Skutka, Braxton Bassie, Kelvin Galveo

Photo: Mauldin High 2012 Homecoming Queen Grace Alvarado de Leon. Thanks to Bill Brucker for the photos, more Homecoming pictures on my wall and GoMavs.net. Keep tagging me in your pictures....