2011 Spirit Week

Student Council, 2010- 2011
Student Body Seniors - Class of 2011 Juniors - Class of 2012
Presidents:  Elizabeth Renwick & Natalia Arenas
Secretary: Heather Granger
Treasurer: Stephanie Konruff
Spirit Leader: Jake Norman
Historian: Santana Parra
Senior Leader: Jonathan Herlong
Junior Leader: Erin McDaris
Sophomore Leader: Katie Beth Byram
President: Laura Berglind
Vice President: Ben Sagara
Secretary: Chloe Ewing
Treasurer: Katie Kelly
Spirit Leader: Jessica Lyles
Members at Large: Krista Edwards & Drew Stephens
Junior Honor Council Chair Taylor Ellis
President: Ben Riddle
Vice President: Kalyn Anders
Secretary: Sydney Enten
Treasurer: Morgan Tracy
Spirit Leader: Jordyn Lyles
Members at Large: Zac Cockman, Catherine Ulmer, & Courtney Hopkins
Sophomore Honor Council Chair: Rebeccah Gerlach
Sophomores - Class of 2013 Freshman - Class of 2014  
President: James Dority
Vice President: Brooke Horton
Secretary: Kasey Brown
Treasurer: Clayton Stoddard
Spirit Leader: Alexa Emerson
Members at Large: Olivia Baddley, Michaela Myers, & Manuela Chaverra
Sophomore Honor Council Chair: Rebeccah Gerlach
President: Eric Singleton
Vice President: Lindsay Renwick
Secretary: Marissa Granger
Treasurer: Patrick McKiernan
Spirit Leader: David McDaris
Members at Large: Olivia Baker, Christian Monsalve, & Kristy Abdelmalak
Freshman Honor Council Chair: Haena Chon

Since 2002 Mauldin High School has raised nearly $750,000. Your support is greatly needed to help us reach our goal of raising 1 million dollars for charity. Please consider attending or participating in our events. 

Register NOW for spirit week events. The Battle of the Bands, Stampede for Hope, Little Miss Orange and White, Laps for Love, Senior Citizens Prom, and the Holes for Hope Golf Tournament are open to the general public. For information and applications, please contact Melanie Rivers (mrivers@greenville.k12.sc.us) or Amy Ashton (aashton@greenville.k12.sc.us) or visit our website www.mauldinspiritweek.org. You may also view our spirit week calendar, make online donations, or text to give! 

Help us reach our goal so we can continue to help make the dreams of others come true! Thank you for your support.



Find some of our event pages on Facebook (you must be logged into Facebook for the links to work)

Profit Sharing days and restaurants

Stampede for Hope 5k Race

Dancers for A Difference

Laps for Love

Mr. Mauldin

Hype for Hope

Spirit Week Silent Auction

18 Holes for Hope Golf Tournament

Check out our previous year's Spirit Week pages for fun photos and $$ amounts from the event

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FEBRUARY 12, 2011


Register online at StampedeforHope.com  

or use the printed brochure here

Previous year's results & pictures

Mauldin High Student Council is proud to announce their chosen charity for the 2011 Spirit Week - Project Hope Foundation.  Learn more about what this foundation is doing for children with Autism. 

Project Hope website



Spirit Week Calendar of Events can be found on Page 8 of the PTSA Newletter