2010 Homecoming

Courtney Calhoun - Mauldin High's 2010 Homecoming Queen and Miss Senior 2010!



Varsity Cheer Senior Football Representatives 

Tiara Butler sponsoring Alston Michael Wright

Ivy Cook sponsoring Jackie Smith, Jr.
Dru Craft sponsoring Carson Smith
Courtney Finley sponsoring Blake Harrell
Allison Malone sponsoring Adguary Calwile
Raven McKinney sponsoring Daniel Lewis
Brie Merritt sponsoring Driques Richey (not pictured)
Brittany Richards sponsoring Jeremiah McKie
McKenzie Smith sponsoring Ryan Norton
Brya Twine sponsoring Wesley Cooke (not pictured)



HOMECOMING 2010 PEP ASSEMBLY  - Seniors wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 Some of our Homecoming Queen nominees

Courtney Calhoun, Laura Berglind, Katie Kelly, Dakota Caponey, Ales Macias, Kellie Sinkele

Senior Football players and their escorts (photo credit Christi Craft)

          Jeremiah Mckie and Brittany Richards                    

  Jake Norman and Elizabeth Renwick  

       Ryan Norton and McKenzie Smith   

               Daniel Lewis and Raven McKinney 

Carson Smith and Dru Craft  

Wesley Cooke & Brya Twine, Joe Stone and Brittany Williams

                                                                           Brie Merritt and Driques Richey                                               

        Ivy Cook and Jackie Smith 

  Allison Malone and Adguary Calwile                      


    Tierra Butler and Alston Michael Wright 


Miss Senior 2010 Courtney Calhoun
First Runner up & Best Casual Wear Alexandra Stone
Second Runner up Courtney Ambrose
Third Runner up Hanna Finlay

Taylor Ellis - 1st runner up Junior Class Beauties
Jordyn Lyles - 1st runner up Miss Reflections








HS Homecoming is October 22, 2010

Homecoming T-Shirt

Pep Rally--3rd period
Float class competition--before the game
Game against Greenwood (FORMAL OUT!)--7:30
Homecoming Dance--9:30-1230

Pep Rally during 3rd period! EVERYONE WEAR THEIR HOMECOMING SHIRT! its being sold for $10 during all lunch shifts!

It"s a class competition to design the best float! Everyone come out and see the float and get points for your class!

HOMECOMING GAME IS A FORMAL OUT! Everyone needs to come out in formal wear. Guys wear your button ups, girls in their dresses!

Right after the game, the homecoming dance starts at 9:30! The dance is a masquerade theme! Everyone come TICKETS ARE $5!
--Seniors, this is your last homecoming dance! SO COME.
--Juniors, you dont get to attend prom this year, take advantage of the homecoming dance! SO COME.
--Everyone else just come.


The more friends you bring, the more fun you will have. Get together and come!


Congrats to the Homecoming King nominees AJ Wingfield, Alston Michael Wright, Carson Smith, Christian Higuita, Drew Stephens, Garrison Pritchett, Jackie Smith, Jake Norman, James Wright, Jeremiah Mckie, Jonathan Herlong, Marty Durant, Reggie Lomax, Ross Emsley, Ryan Mosser, Ryan Norton, and Shyyon Lari !


 Football game Friday, October 22, 2010

Dance @ MHS Saturday, October 23, 2010

Congratulations to the following girls that have been nominated for:

Homecoming Queen 2010 - Laura Berglind, Courtney Calhoun, Dakota Caponey, Ivy Cook, Katie Kelly, Ales Macias, Kellie Sinkele, and Alex Stone.  Look for Homecoming King nominees to be announced next week.

11th Grade Representatives - Taylor Ellis, Courtney Hopkins, Erin McDaris

10th Grade Representatives - Vida Cordeiro, Shannon Goehring, Erica Standridge, Jennifer Stansell

9th Grade Representatives - Marissa Granger, Summer LaBelle, Sydney Stansell

Senior Football Representatives - Kalyn Anders - DJ Davis; Natalia Arenas - Andrew Benson; Tiara Butler - Alston Michael Wright; Kelsey Byrd - Drew Stephens; Alyssa Cobranchi - Jonathan Johnson; Ivy Cook - Jackie Smith Jr.; Dreydyn Cooley - Chris Brockman; Dru Craft - Carson Smith; Kimberly Donovan - Eben McCauley; Courtney Finley - Blake Harrell; Allison Malone - Adguary Calwile; Raven McKinney - Daniel Lewis; Brie Merritt - Driques Richey; Emily Moneypenny - James Wright; Amy Nemeth - Jake Millwood; Sarah Phillips - Chris Snider; Elizabeth Renwick - Jake Norman; Brittany Richard - Jeremiah McKie; Chelsea Sizemore - Reuben Murray; McKenzie Smith - Ryan Norton; Brya Twine - Wesley Cooke; Brittany Williams - Joseph Stone IV