2010 Prom

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Best friends… prom dates… and Now King and Queen!  


Our Prom Queen Andrea plans to attend the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on a full scholarship and plans to major in Business and International Studies with a minor in French and Economics.  Miss Andrea is Mauldin High’s Student Body Co-President, Secretary of the Spanish National Honor Society, President of Operation Orange, past member of MHS JV softball team, an active volunteer  at Hillcrest Hospital, Fall for Greenville, and the Greenville Humane Society (to name a few).  She is also in the top 5% of her senior class!  Miss Andrea has already received numerous awards including the Martin Luther King Leadership award, Rotary Youth Leadership for outstanding role model, and DAR Good Citizen Award.  Congratulations, Queen Andrea!

Our Prom King Quentin Williams plans to attend the University of South Carolina Honors College on almost a full ride and plans to major in International Business with a focus on French and Marketing.  Mr. Quentin is Mauldin High’s President of the French National Honor Society, Service Chair for Beta Club, member of Spanish National Honors Society and National Honor Society, past member of JV and Varsity Basketball.  Mr. Quentin worked for Greenville Family Partnership, volunteered at Mauldin Elementary and Fall for Greenville.  He is an AP Scholar with Honors and Wofford Junior Scholar and top 15 in his senior class!  Congratulations, King Quentin!  


Queen Nominees - Andrea Alonso, Patience Canty, Allison Nelson, Chelsea Slessman, Natalie Terlitsky

King Nominees - Adam Bradshaw, Kirby Broome, Tim Chappell, Justin Emerson, Quentin Williams

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Jeremiah Mckie and Aubrey Duggar 

Kelsey Wood and David Smiley



Aubrey Duggar

Jeffrey Seither and Krista Edwards    


Raven McKinney and Markus Freeman                      


Kathleen Jacob, Max McKinney and Sarah Vance      


Spencer Davis and Shannon Kilcoyne 

Carson Barefoot and Caroline Smith   


Elizabeth Simon and JD Donoso             


Natasha Deshpande         


Miriam Namouz, Mary Walsh, Daniel Weekes, Graham Harris, Caroline McDonough, Renee Kulik      


Megan Archer and Jordan Whitworth     


Geena Hammond and Daniel Cooley


Faith Cruz and Kirby Broome,  Anthony Stephens and Ashley Bankhead 


Molly Downs, Aubrey Duggar, Allison Nelson, Morgan Hert, Shannon Kilcoyne, Kristie Hirt, Leah Esposito

Jonathan Herlong and Meredith Wessinger

Cary Cottrell and Adam Tucker     


Spencer Davis, Shannon Kilcoyne, Aubrey Duggar, Jeremiah Mckie         

Manuela Chaverra and Ron Hunter 


Will Spearman and Madison Boswell            


Graham Harris and Caroline McDonough  

Ben Sagara and Kelsey Moore

Meredith Swetenburg and Brandon Sissel



Clayton Spark and Liz Mooney

Kellie Sinkele, Justin Reznick, Chloe Ewing, Zach Wilson, Brendan Casper, Catriona Ewing

Brendan Casper, Zach Wilson, Justin Reznick

Catriona Ewing and Brendan Casper

Jake Norman and Elizabeth Renwick

Matt Trojan and Sarah Vance

Max McKinney, Kathleen Jacob, Matt Trojan, Sarah Vance, Kelsey Starr, Tyler Rae, Hunter Faulk, Tyler Chaffee

Ashley Bagwell

Matt Taylor and Ashley Spivey

Andy Taylor and Sarah Beth Bradford

Kenzi Corn and Justin Emerson

Zach Moffitt and Katie Kelly

Alex Stone and Andrew Cantrell

Morgan and Landon

Morgan Hert, Aubrey Duggar, Allison Nelson, Shannon Kilcoyne

Chris Russell and Ivy Cook

Jonathan Herlong, Meredith Wessinger, Zack Moffitt, Katie Kelly, Carson Smith,

Katie Flack, Sarah Beth Bradford, Rae Jaeggi            


McKenzie Smith and Kelsey Starr         


James Wright,  Taylor Johnson, Jackie Tinsley, TreQuan Jones


Brendan Ryan, Max McKinney, Tyler Rae, Matt Courter, Tyler Chaffee, Matt Trojan   


Beth Delaney and Taylor Miller      


Dana Landers and Brooke Barnhill


Joe Jackson, Kaitlyn Maurer, Jordan Finlay, Kaitlyn Monzi                                                                                              


Taylor Hudson and Chelsea Elliott     


Michael Borkey and Leah Esposito 


 Charlie Harned, Brooke Barnhill, Justin Emerson, Kenzi Corn              




Jamari Clark and Mia Braxton





Kirk Melson and Weslyn Jones 



Allison Nelson and Jay Puckett           

Sarah Vance


Kathleen Jacob and Max McKinney  

Kathleen Jacob   


Spencer Davis, Shannon Kilcoyne, Aubrey Duggar, Jeremiah Mckie