2008 Spirit Week

Student Council, 2007- 2008

Student Body Seniors - Class of 2008 Juniors - Class of 2009

Presidents:  Evan Duggar & Charnise Mangle
Secretary: Charity Bush
Treasurer: Ty Graham
Historian: to be appointed
Spirit Leader: Shakoka Jemison
Senior Leader: Katherine Myers
Junior Leader: Nichole Mele
Sophomore Leader: Aubrey Duggar



President: Chrissy Wilkins
Vice President: Candace Choice
Secretary: Melanie Patino
Treasurer: Alex Mauldin
Spirit Leader: Thomas Herlong
President: Carter Ann Dillard
Vice President: Ashley Hunter
Secretary: Libby Wallin
Treasurer: Shannon Brennan
Spirit Leader: Larvett Gaines
Sophomores - Class of 2010 Freshman - Class of 2011  
President: Nickira Anderson
Vice President: Max McKinney
Secretary: Amber Shultz
Treasurer: Sarah Vance
Spirit Leader: Joseph Hill
Co-President: Elizabeth Williamson
Co-President: Kate Jahries
Vice President: Elizabeth Renwick
Secretary: Surena Mitchell
Treasurer: Stephanie Konruff
Spirit Leader: Katelin Miller

A Record Breaking $110,345 was made for Charity this week.

Video of Boys Basketball game

Hillcrest came in with $125,000

Greenville News special section on Spirit Week 2008

What is Spirit Week?

Mauldin High School (MHS) is the largest high school in Greenville County, with over 2,300 students enrolled. For the past seven years, MHS has sponsored charities during our annual Spirit Week. We have raised thousands of dollars for charities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Greenville Family Partnership, Lauren’s Hope, the Austin Page Foundation, The Ronald McDonald House, The American Cancer Society, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. During our 2007 Spirit Week we sponsored Make A Wish Foundation, Homes of Hope, and The Bone Marrow Transplant Wing at Duke Hospital. We succeeded in raising over $105,000.

The two charities that we have chosen for the 2008 Spirit Week are the Juvenile Diabetes Program of the Greenville Hospital System (GHS) and Safe Harbor. Over 20 million people are affected by diabetes in the United States. South Carolina ranks among the top ten states in the nation for diabetes prevalence. The GHS Juvenile Diabetes Program strives to educate type 1 diabetics on the importance of better control of their disease to avoid complications such as heart disease and stroke, blindness, kidney disease and the amputation of limbs. GHS’s program is one of the largest such programs in the country. The money contributed to this charity will educate newly diagnosed diabetics about their condition, provide the medical equipment used to properly manage their disease, and fund research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Safe Harbor was established in 1994 to administer relief to victims of domestic brutality and their children. Domestic violence is an increasingly large problem in our state. South Carolina is ranked number six nationally in the number of women killed by their male partner. This organization provides a hotline that victims can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive refuge from their abusers. The money contributed to Safe Harbor will be used to renovate the shelter’s bedrooms and provide new beds, linens, and dressers to the women and children staying in Safe Harbor.

Spirit Week this year will be held February 2nd through the 8th. We are requesting your assistance in making it a success by contributing funds or by donating items. All donations will be tax deductible.