'10 College Signings IV


Congratulations to Mauldin senior soccer player Brendan Casper for receiving his official appointment to the United States Naval Academy!  Brendan is also a Company Executive Officer in the Mauldin High Navy JROTC program.  In addition to this appointment Brendan also received a 4 year Air Force ROTC scholarship valued at $180,000 to Clemson, a 4 year Army ROTC Scholarship to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University valued at $180,000 and the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship! Brendan's Naval Academy appointment is valued at over $350,000 and also includes full medical and dental benefits, life insurance, and a monthly salary!

Update - Brendan Casper receives another Academy appointment!  Brendan received an appointment to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with an opportunity to play soccer for the Coast Guard.  Brendan's U.S. Coast Guard appointment is valued at over $290,000!  



Congratulations to Mauldin senior Tesla Cox who signed her National Letter of Intent to compete for the University of Iowa gymnastics team! 

Congratulations to the following Mauldin seniors that signed their National Letters of Intent to continue their sport in college.  Brandon Sissel, Milligan College, TN - Track; Tyler Tesch, College of Charleston - Cross Country; Zak Theus, Newberry College - Football; and Kirby Broome, Charleston Southern - Football!  Way to go, MAVS!  

Brandon Sissel, Milligan College, TN Track team

Kirby Broome, Charleston Southern Football team

Tyler Tesch, College of Charleston Cross Country team

Zak Theus, Newberry College football team