(2008 - 2009) - Lacrosse Girls

Head Coach - Larry Koba
Assistant Coach - Katie Stapleton
MAVS Booster Team Rep - 
Sandra Stone
MAVS Website Reporter - Pam Kenny

2009-2010 School Year Information

Players are reminded to make sure they have a new physical on record at the high school for this 2009-2010 school year.

INTERESTED IN PLAYING LACROSSE?? Contact Coach Koba at ljkoba17@aol.com or Coach Stapleton @ kstapleton@greenville.k12.sc.us


 The Lady Mavs Lacrosse Team is achieving great success with the "Car Wash and Coffee" fundraiser they are doing in conjunction with Liquid Highway in an effort to raise funds for new team uniforms.  Team members participating in the carwash portion of the fundraiser on Saturday were (from L to R) Kathleen West, Dakota Caponey, Leah Blackwell, Sarah Fox, Alex Stone, Ashley Spivey, Aliyah Anjarwalla, Molly Walsh, Madison Oldham, Olivia Baddley and Rebecca McCain. The team would like to give a A HUGE THANKS to Mrs. Sandra Stone, who is coordinating the fundraiser, Liquid Highway and Mrs. Caponey and Mr. Slessman who worked hard with the girls to get all the cars washed.  





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Senior Awards Ceremony
Senior Athletes and their awards - Caroline Tracy, Megan Jones, Libby Wallin, Liz Heaton
Caroline Tracy - National Spanish Honor Society, 4.0 white cord, 1200 SAT Club, SCHSL Scholar Athlete, Wofford Palmetto Girls State Scholarship
Liz Heaton - National Spanish Honor Society, 4.0 white cord, 1200 SAT Club, SCHSL Scholar Athlete
Megan Jones - National Spanish Honor Society, 4.0 white cord, 1200 SAT Club, SCHSL Scholar Athlete, ACT Club 29-31, Furman Achiever Scholarship, Martin Luther King Award for Athletic Excellence
Libby Wallin - Furman Achiever Scholarship, Helen Stokes PTSA Scholarship, Pepsi Golf Scholarship,Nikki Moose Memorial Scholarship, Top 20 student orange honor sash,  Spirit of the PTA award, 4.0 white cord, Student Council officer orange chord, Greenville Civitan citizenship award, and SCHSL Scholar athlete.


 CONGRATULATIONS to the following players chosen 'All Region":

Megan Jones, Abby Koba, Megan Kenny, Chelsea Slessman,

Libby Wallin, and Megan Warden



Congratulations to MHS Lacrosse players Hunter Faulk and Sarah Vance for making the Class of 2010 Junior Marshalls.  Hunter & Sarah placed in the top 12 of their class to be awarded this honor. They will be serving at the Class of 2009 graduation ceremony in June.  Congratulations, girls!   



 To check out the Lady Mav's standings, go to www.laxpower.com 



2009 Senior Boys & Girls Lacrosse    Coach Koba and Senior LAX Girls




Abby Koba, Molly Walsh, Kristina Brown           Megan Kenny, Libby Wallin, Megan Jones


Liz Heaton, Molly Walsh, Cassie Younginer, Hunter Faulk       2009 Mauldin Lady MAV's Lacrosse Team  

 April 15th, the Lady Mavs ended their season with a loss to Woodmont 11-12. This was the first round of playoffs and a tough loss. Stats for tonights game are as follows:

GOALS: Koba 2, Warden 2, Walsh 1, Kenny 3, Wallin 1, Jones 2

ASSISTS: Koba 2, Warden 1, Brown 1        GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 15!

April 2nd, after a slow start the Lady Mavs fought to gain back ground, but were unable to catch up on their last regular season game. Taking a loss of 11-13 from Eastside to end regular season with a record of 9-3. Seniors were honored during half time of the game. Stats for tonights game are as follows:

GOALS: Koba 1, Warden 1, Walsh 1, Kenny 3, Jones 3, Brown 2
ASSISTS: Koba 2, Warden 2, Kenny 2        GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 16
March 31st, taking on Wade Hampton, the Lady Mav's won 21-7. As they prepare for their last regular season game on Thursday, April 2nd, it will also be Senior night! Seniors will be recognized during half time of the game. Team record is now 9-2. Stats for tonights game are as follows:
GOALS: Koba 5, Weinandy 2, Warden 2, Walsh 1, Kenny 6, Wallin 1, Jones 2, Brown 1, Ewing 1
ASSISTS: Koba 6, Warden 1, Walsh 1, Kenny 1, Brown 2, Taplin 1,            GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 10
March 24th, the Lady Mavs lost to Greenville 19-12 which now puts their record at 8-2. They do not play again until next Tuesday, March 31st, when they take on Wade Hampton @ Wade Hampton. Stats for tonights game are as follows:
GOALS: Koba 3, Weinandy 1, Warden 1, Walsh 2, Kenny 2, Jones 2, Brown 1
ASSISTS: Koba 3, Weinandy 1, Walsh 1            GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 17
March 20th, the Lady Mavs traveled to Dorman and won handily 18-3. With only 3 games left in the regular season the team record is now 8-1. Coach Koba and Coach Stapleton are looking forward to the game next Tuesday, March 24th, against Greenville at Sirrine stadium. Come support the Lady Mav's-REGIONAL CHAMPIONS!  Tonights stats are as follows:
GOALS: Koba 5, Weinandy 2, Warden 2, Walsh 1, Kenny 3, Jones 1, Brown 2, Spivey 1, Baddley 1
ASSISTS: Koba 5, Weinandy 2, Warden 2, Walsh 2         GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 9 
WHAT A GAME!! In an all importan regional contest, the Lady Mav's beat Riverside IN OVERTIME 18-17!! The lead changed hands back and forth during regular play but was tied 15-15 as the buzzer sounded. With an overtime of two 3 minute halves both teams came out playing hard. Abby Koba scored the 18th goal to take the win with almost no time left on the clock. Abby scored a record 10 goals to help take the game from #1 ranked Riverside. The Lady Mav's play Dorman Friday, 3/20 at Dorman-game time is 5:30. Stats for tonights game are as follows:
GOALS: Koba 10, Weinandy 1, Warden 1, Walsh 1, Kenny 1, Jones 3, Wallin 1
ASSISTS: Koba 1, Warden 1, Kenny 1      GOALIE SAVES:  Slessman 17!!
MISERABLE!!  That is how the weather was Saturday morning, March 14th, as the Lady Mavs took to the field in the rain. They were able to keep the clock running by keeping the 10 run lead and ending with a score of 19-3!  Their record is now 6-1. The Lady Mav's will play again on Tuesday, March 17th against Riverside @ Riverside. Game time is 5:30. Stats for todays game are as follows:
GOALS:  Koba 4, Warden 1, Weinandy 2, Walsh 3, Kenny 1, Jones 1, Heaton 1, Brown 2, Sprivey 2, Blackwell 1, Taplin 1
ASSISTS: Koba 3, Weinandy 2
March 12th, the Lady Mavs do it again! Mauldin took the win from Hillcrest 11-9. Saturday, March  14th, they will host Spartanburg at 10:00 a.m. Stats for tonights game are as follows:
GOALS: Koba 7, Wallin 1, Warden 3
ASSISTS: Koba 2, Jones 1
March 11th, the Lady Mavs put up a good struggle against JL Mann taking a loss 11-14. During the first half the score was tied 5-5 but as the horn sounded for half time JL Mann had taken the lead by 1.  But during the second half JL Mann was up by 5 goals. The Lady Mav's gained momentum and narrowed Mann's lead to 3 goals, but time ran out as they took their first loss. Record is now 4-1. March 12th the girls will take on Hillcrest @ Woodmont. Tonights stats are as follows:
GOALS: Koba 4, Brown 1, Kenny 3, Wallin 2, Weinandy 1
ASSISTS: Koba 1, Warden 1, Weinandy 1       GOALIE SAVES: 13

March 5th, the snow make-up game with Wade Hampton, the Lady Mavs took over and won scoring 21-3! This brings their record to 4-0 going into next weeks match up against JL Mann on Wednesday, March 11th. Stats for tonights game are as follows:

GOALS: Koba 4, Warden 2, Weinandy 2, Kenny 4, Walsh 3, Jones 3, Brown 1, Ewing 1, Baddley 1,

ASSISTS: Koba 4, Warden 1, Kenny 1, Walsh 1, Wallin 1, Brown 1, Baddley 2              GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 6

March 4th, the Lady Mav's took on rival Hillcrest and won scoring 15 goals to Hillcrest's 5. Tomorrow, March 5th, is the makeup game against Wade Hampton. Game time is 5:30. Stats for the Hillcrest game are:

GOALS: Koba 5, Warden 3, Kenny 2, Walsh 3, Wallin 1, Jones 1,

ASSISTS: Koba 2, Jones 1, Brown 3,      GOALIE SAVES: Slessman 9 

 Ferbruary 27th, the Lady Mav's hosted Woodmont and won their second game of the season 18-8. On Tuesday, March 3rd they will host rival Hillcrest at 5:30. Stats are listed below.

GOALS: Koba 4, Warden 3, Brown 2, Kenny 4, Walsh 1, Jones 3, Spivey 1,

ASSISTS:  Koba 5, Warden 1, Kenny 1, Wallin 1, Spivey 1      GOALIE SAVES:  Slessman 10 


February 24th, the first game of the 2009 season the Lady Mav's handily won over Clinton 20 to 5. Their next game is Friday, February 27th, against Woodmont. Come out and support both the girls and boys lacrosse teams! Girls game starts at 5:30 p.m. Stats are listed below.

GOALS:  Koba 3, Warden 3, Weinandy 2, Kenny 5, Walsh 1, Wallin 1, Jones 2, Brown 1, Ewing 2,

ASSISTS:  Koba 4, Brown 1, Spivey 1, Anjarwalla 1       GOALIE SAVES:  Slessman 15

Players & Parents: Please be sure that I have all email adresses so you are receiving all email updates (gpamkenny@hotmail.com/pkenny@greenville.k12.sc.us

If you have photos to share as our season begins please email them to me and I will post them!