(2008 - 2009) - Lacrosse Boys

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Head Coach - Ed Ryan

MAVS Booster Rep - Gary Reece

MAVS Web reporter - Janice Baddley



Congratulations to the top five Mauldin Athletic teams (based on GPA Averages for 2008-2009 school year)

Girls Team -
1. Girls Cross Country 4.446
2. Girls Track 4.314
3. Girls Swim 4.243
4. Girls Soccer 4.222
5. Girls Golf 4.209

Boys Teams
1. Boys Tennis 3.896
2. Boys Cross Country 3.866
3. Boys Lacrosse 3.701
4. Baseball 3.659
5. Boys Swim 3.643


Askew, Shaw & Wessinger named to Class of 2009 Spirit of the MAV!
A description of the award from the 2008 Mauldin Yearbook -The highly esteeemed title "Spirit of the Maverick" is awarded to students who exemplify characteristics that one associates with a true leader. This group of seniors chosen by Mauldin faculty members, proved to be, not only excellent students, but leaders in the community as well. These students dislplay what it means to be a maverick in and out of the classroom. Regarded as the epitome of an exceptional student, they display integrity, honesty, respect, academic excellence, leadership, service, and true Maverick pride. These are students that give back in the classroom and in the community. Giving of themselves to help others, these students were more than willing to go the distance to make a difference in the Mauldin community. As great American football coach, Vincent Lombardi once said, "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow." These students have exemplified this quality by encouraging others to lead as well. In their four years at Mauldin, these students have made an impression on their teachers and fellow classmates. This award recognizes them for their various accomplishments through their high school careers. 
Congratulations to the Class of 2009 Spirit of the Mav Award Winners -
Carley West, Curren Smith, Carter Anne Dillard, Nichole Mele, Ashley Hunter, Megan Jones, Libby Wallin, Celeste Peay, Rachel Woodlee, Eeshwar Chandrasekar, Joshua Mckie, Eric Lawson, Chris Askew, Andrew Shaw, Matthew Wessinger, Kevin Liller, Michael Williams, & Anthony James



Seniors Jon Baddley and Andrew Shaw represented MHS at the State All-Star Weekend held in Lexington at White Knoll High School on May 2.  Jon played for the West Region All Star team and was named to the All State team while Andrew was named an Academic All American, one of only two in the state.  The West Region beat the East Region, 19 to 7, with Jon scoring twice for the West.  Congrats Andrew and Jon! Go Mavs!



At top left, Coach Ed Ryan, center, congratulates Jon Baddley and Andrew Shaw.  Andrew has maintained an "A" average, and a 4.932 GPA while at MHS. In the six years that MHS has had a boys lacrosse team, one of its players has won the Academic All American Award three times.  At top right and bottom left, Jon handles the ball for the West Region.  Bottom right - Andrew accepts his award at halftime.

The Lacrosse Team held its Awards Banquet on April 28th at Wild Wings.  Above, Coach Ed Ryan congratulates award winners Jon Baddley, Most Valuable Player - Offense; Austin Grant, MVP - Defense; and Thomas Reece, Most Ground Balls.


Coach Ryan presents Senior Adam Maalouf with the Rib Award, for his courageous play during this year's season.

Lee Wiles was the recipient of the Coach's Special Award for his contribution to the team this season.




The MAVS prepare to take the field!

 Boys Lacrosse in the news 

Mavs Win Big on Senior Night 

The Mavericks took on Eastside on Thursday night, April 2, and came out on top with a score of 16-7.  The 11 seniors on the team and their parents were recognized during this last regular season game.

Goals - Baddley 7, Maalouf 5, J. Borgelt 2,  Barefoot, Askew

Assists - Maalouf 2, J. Fuson 2, J. Borgelt, Wiles

WYFF's High School Playbook covered the event.  Check out the video clip featuring the MAVS    


                Coach Ed Ryan congratulates the Senior players.


 Andrew Shaw escorts his parents, Curt and Paula Shaw.                  Senior Tyler Rae and his mother, Susan.


 Senior Adam Maalouf and his parents, George and Dianne Maalouf.     Senior Joey Fuson and his parents, Jim and Jill, enjoy the moment.


Chris Askew presents his mom, Susan, with a rose.    Senior Philip Kelly escorts his parents, Desmond and Jill Kelly.

Jon Baddley awarded $100,000K Furman Hollingsworth Scholarship

Mauldin High school had a record number of Hollingsworth Scholarships awarded on Friday, April 3, by Furman University.  It was not only a record for Mauldin but it is also the most awarded to one school since the program began!  Ms. Jeny Kerscher (Furman University Admissions) came to Mauldin to surprise Celeste Peay and Eric Lawson with their Hollingsworth Scholarship award.  Jon Baddley was awarded the Hollingsworth in the early decision rounds.   Jon has committed to Furman University while Celeste and Eric have not yet finalized their college choices.  In addition, Senior Guidance Counselor Jane Smith said that Mauldin is sending a record number of students to Furman this year, more than any other year in the past at Mauldin.  Go MAVS!!!

Principal Ann Miller, Kevin, Sandy & Eric Lawson, Celeste, Ken & Leadaire Peay, Jeny Kerscher, Jon, Janice, Scot Baddley, and Senior Guidance Counselor Jane Smith 

Mavs Achieve Big Win Over Wade Hampton; 15-0, 3/31/09

Goals - Baddley 3, Maalouf 3, J. Borgelt 3, Rae 2, Wiles, Barefoot, A. Borgelt, J. Fuson

Assists - Baddley 2, Wiles 2, Rae 2, J. Borgelt, Barefoot 

Greenville 14, Mauldin 6; 3/24/09

Goals - J. Borgelt 3, Baddley 2, Maalouf

Assists - Baddley, Wiles 

Mavericks Prevail Over Dorman, 15-2, 3/20/09

Goals - Baddley 5, Maalouf 2, J. Borgelt 2, Reece 2, Wiles, Rae, Lew, J. Fuson 

Assists - Maalouf 3, Baddley, J. Borgelt, A. Borgelt, Hogan

Senior Jon Baddley avoids his defenders, shoots on the goal...and scores!

Senior Chris Askew handles the ball for the Mavs. 

 MAVS Beat Spartanburg, 18-5; 3/14/09

Goals - Baddley 5, Maalouf 6, Rae 2, J Borgelt, Reece, Lew, A Borgelt, J Fuson

Assists - Baddley 3, Maalouf 2, Wiles, Rae, Hogan 

 Hillcrest 9, Mauldin 2; 3/12/09

Goals - Baddley; Wiles

Assists - Reece 

 Mann 12, Mauldin 5; 3/11/09

Goals - Baddley 2, Maalouf , Reece, Askew 

 Maverick Lacrosse Team Beats Ridge View, 12-0 

The Mavs Varsity Lacrosse team traveled to Columbia Friday night, March 6, and came out on top against Ridge View with a score of 12-0.

Goals - Baddley, 5; Reece, 3; Maalouf, 2; Rae and Askew

Assists - Maalouf, 3; Baddley, J. Borgelt, Wettlin

Goalie Saves - Norman, 11


Senior Matt Wessinger defends against Ridge View     Senior Adam Maalouf, 5, dodges a Ridge View defenseman

Mauldin MAVS Lacrosse Team Triumphs Over Wade Hampton, 19-1 - 3/5/09

The Boys Lacrosse Team took on Wade Hampton on Thursday night and won, 19-1.

Goals - Baddley, 3;  Maalouf, 3; Lew, 3; A. Borgelt, 2; J. Borgelt, Reece, Barefoot, Kelly, Askew, Fuson, Bradshaw, Hogan

Assists - Askew, 2; Trantham, 2; J. Borgelt, Wiles, Rae, Kelly, Wettlin


Seniors Tyler Rae, 1, and Philip Kelly, 21 celebrate after a goal.    Senior Miller Colvin is one of the Mavs' key defensemen.


  Goalie Jake Norman warms up before the game.

Hillcrest 15, Mauldin 8, 3/4/09                                         

Goals - Maalouf, 3;  Baddley, 2; Reece, Wiles, Rae

Assists - Baddley, Borgelt, Wiles, Fuson


Senior Tyler Rae, 1, celebrates his goal against Hillcrest. 

 Mauldin 13, Woodmont 6, 2/27/09

Goals - Maalouf, 6;  Baddley, 3; J. Borgelt, 2; Wiles, 2

Assists - Baddley, 2; Borgelt, 2; Wiles, Rae 

 Varsity Boys Lacrosse Team Has Great Showing at Pre-Season Jamboree

The Mauldin Mav Lacrosse Team came on strong on February 7th at the Palmetto Shoot Out Lacrosse Jamboree held at the Pavilion in Greenville.  The team looked strong and "won" (official score was not kept) the majority of five games it played throughout the day.  Check out these photos from the event:
Carson Barefoot passes the ball for the Mavs.
                              Joey Fuson handles the ball.

Maverick 2009 Varsity Lacrosse Team Named

Congratulations to the following players who were selected for Mauldin High's 2009 Varsity Lacrosse Team:
Chris Askew, Jon Baddley, Carson Barefoot, Alec Borgelt, Josh Borgelt, Adam Bradshaw, Justin Brister, Tim Chappell, Miller Colvin, Will Craddock, Joey Fuson, Robert Fuson, Austin Grant, Will Hogan, Philip Kelly, Mark Lew, Adam Maalouf, Jake Norman, Tyler Rae, Thomas Reece, Justin Reznik, Andrew Shaw, Jordan Trantham, Matt Wessinger, Ryan Wettlin, Lee Wiles.

Mauldin Lacrosse team members Honored

Congratulations to the following 2008 National Honor Society Inductees from the Lacrosse Team:

Jon Baddley, Philip Kelly, Matt Wessinger, Tyler Rae, Mark Lew

Congratulations to Matt Wessinger, Joey Fuson and Jon Baddley for being named AP Scholars with Honors

Congratulations to Jon Baddley for being voted "Best All Around" by his senior class of 2009!!

Congratulations to the following Senior Boys who were nominated for the Mauldin High 2008 Homecoming King!!
Kevin Liller, Larvette Gaines, Eeshwar Chandrasekar, Matthew Wessinger, Anthony James, Joshua Mckie, Dallas Beal, Evan Wofford, Jon Baddley, Andrew Shaw, Eric Lawson, Robert Foster, Eric Reid